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Ember Graham, 6-month-old baby missing from Happy Valley, California

Ember Graham

Ember Graham is still missing.  She is two and half years old.  Below is an age-progressed photo in the lower right.

Baby Ember Graham missing from Happy Valley

UPDATE:  11/7/15 –  From Ember’s mom, JamieLee Tomlin-Graham.

“My little baby Ember Skye Graham is STILL missing! She was last seen July 1st, 2015 in Happy Valley, CA. She went missing at the age of 6 months old. She has brown down-turned shaped eyes, and light brown hair, she had been getting her bottom teeth in. She is now 10 months old, she has been missing for over 3 and half months now. That is too long!!! I need my baby girl home! And all it takes is the right person to share her flyer for her to be brought home. Please continue to share her flyer with anyone you know; friends, family, even strangers. Please help to spread the word about my baby girl so we can bring her home! I don’t want to live another day without her. We need her home.”

UPDATE 7/19/15 – The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the pacifier found on July 10 off Platina Road in Ono belongs to Ember DNA analysis confirmed that the pacifier did belong to her.

UPDATE:  7/17/15 – Matthew Graham, Ember’s father was seen in a video from the Happy Stop Market in Happy Valley on the night of Ember’s disappearance of him arriving in his truck with the baby. He was recorded heading in the opposite direction of his home, passing back through about an hour later.  Authorities considered him a person of interest in Ember’s disappearance.  On July 13, 2015, Matthew went on the run on in Shasta County after allegedly stealing a car with a gun.

Matthew Graham

The Siskuyou County Sherriff’s Department said a suspect wanted for a carjacking in Redding was shot and killed by officers in Dunsmuir and confirmed it to be Graham.

On Thursday, July 2, at 05:26 A.M., Matthew Graham, called and reported that his six month old daughter, Ember Graham, as missing from her crib on Noosha Lane in Anderson, California. Ember is considered to be at risk due to a seizure disorder. She was last seen wearing a size 2 Kirkland brand diaper. Ember’s disappearance is being investigated as a suspicious circumstance.
If you have any information please contact Shasta Co Sheriff’s Office 530-245-6540, Shasta Co Secret Witness 530-243-2319, Klein Investigations and Consulting (409) 729-8798 x3 or their anonymous tipline at (580) 798-8157.
Submit a anonymous tip online-
Case- 15-24132
NamUs- 29715
NCMEC- 1250863
Up to $10,000 Reward for information leading to the arrest and/or conviction of the suspect(s).
 Original story:

Ember Graham, six-months-old, went missing from her crib in California, according to her father Matthew Graham.  Ember was last seen in her home on Noosha Lane in Anderson (Happy Valley) on July 2, 2015. Matthew Graham, her father, said he went to check on her around 5:30 a.m. and found the crib empty.  Matthew Graham was booked in to the Shasta County jail on Friday on an unrelated probation violation.

Jamie Graham, is Ember’s mom and she stated that Ember has a seizure disorder and needs medication.

The police searched the area around the home and have now gone to the Clear Creek Road area.

They have also released a photo of Matthew Graham’s pickup truck and are asking the public to report if they saw the truck driving around or parked in the Clear Creek Rd. area.  The truck is a 1990 dark blue, full-size extra cab Chevrolet fleet side pickup with flat black paint on the side panels, black rims and no license plates.  There is also a cow bell hanging underneath the front bumper.

Posted on MPofA’s Facebook page from the Ember Skye Graham Is Still Missing Facebook page:

“Hi Kassy. No suspects have ever been named in Ember’s case. Matthew Graham, Ember’s daddy, was named a person of interest in Ember’s case. Matthew was the last known person to see Ember the night she disappeared. The police wanted to speak with Matthew about the case.

Matthew stole a gun, some money, and a cell phone from his mother’s purse shortly after a pacifier that would later be determined to be Ember’s was found in Ono, CA. We do not know why Matthew did this; he did not tell his family he was going to do this and he never had a chance to explain his reasons. Within a couple of days, Matthew stole a car and ended up in Dunsmuir, CA where he was killed by police. Matthew’s family and friends were and are heartbroken by his death.

Klein Investigations and Consulting and local law enforcement are working to determine what exactly happened the night Ember disappeared and where Ember is. At this point, we have seen no evidence that indicates that Ember is deceased or was harmed in any way. We continue to hope that we will find Ember safely and bring her home.

Regardless of what happened, Ember’s family wants to know the truth. They want to find Ember and bring her home. If she is alive, they want to reunite her with her loving family. If she is not, they want to lay her to rest properly. Ember’s family, along with Klein and his dedicated team of investigators, will not give up and will search until Ember is found.

Please share Ember’s flyers and encourage anyone with information to come forward. Please help us bring our beloved Ember Skye home.”

If you have any information about this case, please call the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office at 530-245-6135.

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