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Crystal Rogers goes missing after tire goes flat on Bluegrass Parkway

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UPDATE 8/6/20 – According to WHAS11 photojournalist, police are on the scene at homes owned by Brooks and Nick Houck. Brooks Houck was Rogers’ boyfriend at the time of her disappearance, and was named a main suspect in the case in Oct. 2015.

On Thursday August 6, 2020, federal officers began executing nine search warrants and conducting more than 50 interviews in Bardstown as part of the search for Crystal Rogers, according to the FBI’s Louisville bureau, reports People Magazine.

Remains were found on July 28 in Nelson County and the latest info is the remains belonged to Crystal. Although no official word from police at this writing.

UPDATE 7/25/17 – Authorities are searching the home of Brook Houck’s grandmother, Anna Whiteside.  Houck’s was the former boyfriend of Crystal.  WAVE 3 News reports that the search warrant is related to bullets and reloading equipment. Whiteside’s attorney, Jason Floyd, tells WDRB that his understanding is that the troopers were searching for items related to bullets and a reloader.  Tommy Ballard’s death (update Nov. 2016) has been ruled a homicide, but there has been no arrest.

UPDATE 11/23/16 – Sources told the Kentucky Standard that detectives are considering Ballard’s shooting a possible homicide and that his weapon was not fired.  The coroner also stated that Tommy was shot in the chest and the bullet exited his back, contrary to what was released last week.

UPDATE 11/19/16 –  According to WDRB News, Tommy Ballard, the father of missing Crystal Rogers has died.  Kentucky State Police said that Tommy was shot in the back and died on Ed Brent Road in Bardstown this morning while he was hunting.  

UPDATE 8/30/16 – The police are searching for Crystal, again.

 “We are searching the farm of Rosemary Houck, who is the mother of the suspect, Brooks Houck, and we’re searching the farm adjacent to it, right next door to it,” Detective Jonathan Snow said.

UPDATE:  1/21/16 Donald Howard and Vincent Nethery have been charged with false reporting after they told police they knew Danny Singleton killed Crystal Rogers.  Both men were found to be lying.  Singleton has already been charged with perjury for past statements regarding Rogers’ disappearance.

UPDATE:  10/15/15 Brook Hock was named as a suspect Friday in the disappearance of Crystal Rogers.

UPDATE:   9/10/15 – The brother of Crystal’s boyfriend, Nick Houck who is a Bardstown police officer has been suspended from the force by Chief Rick McCubbin until further notice, according to a news release from the department.  Officer Nick Houck’s brother, Brooks Houck, is the last person known to have seen Brooks’ girlfriend Crystal Rogers before she disappeared in early July. He has maintained his innocence.

Nick Houck

Several volunteers searching for Crystal said they saw a Bardstown police car pass the headquarters heading in the direction of the Houck family farm, the Kentucky Standard reported.

UPDATE:  7/11/15 – Crystal Rogers boyfriend, Brooks Houck went on Nancy Grace on Thursday.  He stated, ““I’ve been 100% completely honest with everyone. I’ve been 100% cooperative in everything that that has been asked of me. I’ve not asked for any kind of legal advice or assistance, an attorney of any nature. I’m 100% completely innocent in this and I have exhausted my efforts with the law enforcement agencies to gather all the facts necessary to allow me to have a clean name again,” Houck added.

He told Nancy that he took a polygraph and the results were “inconclusive.”  Click here to read what that means.

It was released on Oct. 21, that court documents show that Nick  failed to truthfully answer questions about the July 3 disappearance of his brother’s girlfriend, Crystal Rogers. 

Original story:

Crystal M. Rogers, 35, went missing from Kentucky on July 3, 2015.  Rogers who is from Bardstown was last seen by her boyfriend on Friday afternoon and her car was found on the Bluegrass Parkway near West Bound with a flat tire and her belongings in the car and the keys still in the ignition, along with her purse and cell phone.

The car belonging to Kara Tingle who went missing in 2010 was also found on the Bluegrass Parkway.

If you have any information please call the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office at 502-348-3211.

Crystal’s Facebook page

Brooks Houck (right)
  • Stephanie Lewis Elliott I saw her car sitting on the side Saturday around 1 pm.
  • Tori Mousty Did you report this??
  • Stephanie Lewis Elliott Yes Tori Mousty my husband spoke with her sister and I called to report it. We were having a family party for the 4th off exit 10 and made three trips on the BG Saturday. The earliest trip being around 12-1 pm. Second trip around 7 pm and 3rd around 11 pm. I saw the car all three times with no one in or around it. I drove home from work Friday night around 2 am. It was so rainy and foggy that night I could barely see the road. Unfortunately It would have been very difficult for anyone to have seen anything during those hours.
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