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Dr. Jeff Whiteside missing from Grand Chute, Wisconsin Found

UPDATE  7/22/15 – A body found in a wooded area on Wednesday was identified to be Dr. Whiteside.  Whiteside was found off of German Road in the Town of Liberty Grove among some trees, a gun was found near the body.  He was found by a volunteer search group, Headwaters Search and Rescue that uses dogs to locate people. 

“The Door County Sheriff’s Office would like to express their deep gratitude to the Headwaters Search and Rescue K-9 group for their hard work, dedication and perseverance in assisting with this investigation,” Delarwelle said.
The Whiteside family granted investigators permission to search the family’s condo and boat in Ephraim, and authorities said nothing out of the ordinary was found in either one. The family later denied a request to search the Whiteside home in Grand Chute.

UPDATE: 7/21/15 – In a surprising twist in the story of the missing doctor from Wisconsin, the Door County Sheriff’s Dept. asked to search the home and the attorney that Jeffrey’s wife hired,  Bradley Priebe denied the request.  Priebe was hired after the request to search the home was made, reports the Green Bay Gazette.  Without any evidence of foul play the authorities hands are tied, and they must continue their search outside.  

It is standard in a missing child case for the police to start in the home, not only questioning the family but looking through the house for clues.  What police are really trying to do is rule out the parents, because sadly the odds are that the parents had something to do with it.  

In this case, it seems to have gone a little different, probably because Jeffrey was an adult.  Police mostly concentrated outside the house searching for Jeffrey.  Then searched the condo and boat.  Now after 3 weeks and no sign of him has been found, the police want to look around inside the home.   

Is Jeffrey’s wife worried that something will be found that will be incriminating or does she think that the police might find something that could be misconstrued as evidence and blame her for Jeffrey’s disappearance?

Door County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Pat McCarty stated, “Like I explained last week in speaking with our district attorney, we don’t have proof that a crime has been committed.” Was McCarty and his team going into the house to look for that proof as they could find none anywhere else?  Social media has been suspicious of Jeffrey’s wife for a while, and McCarty probably wanted to rule her out.  More likely they were going because they had covered everyplace else and to fulfill  police duties, searching the home would seem to be a natural progression, and actually now it seems odd that it was not done weeks ago.  

One thing is for sure, a man that was known to always be there for his patience has suddenly abandoned them.

“For him to disappear like this causes a huge amount of angst among his colleagues,” Dr. Ray Georgen, the director of trauma services at Theda Clark Medical Center told WBAY News. “He’s not the kind of guy to be late to see his patients or show up for a procedure. If anyone asked us, ‘Can you name a physician this could happen to?’ His name would never be on that list.”

UPDATE 7/15/15The search is expanding for a missing doctor from Wisconsin.  K-9 dogs have been brought in, and the water and the Grand Chute area have been searched with sonar.

Original story:  Dr. Jeffrey Whiteside, 63, was last seen in Ephraim on June 29, 2015, where he was vacationing with his family on his boat.  He had a fight with his wife and he left on foot.

His wife said it has happened before and after he cooled down he would go to their home in Grand Chute, but this time he is still missing after over a week.

Dr. Whiteside is a physician who worked at Fox Valley Pulmonary Medicine and his office has not heard from him either.

If you have any information bout Dr. Whiteside, please call the Door County Sheriff’s Dept.  920-746-2416.

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  1. He is one of five physicians found deceased in the past three months and they were all involved in holistic-type medicine. Sounds fishy to me

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