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Two-year-old Deorr Kunz missing from Idaho’s Timber Creek Campground

UPDATE 5/24/17 – An age-progression photo showing what DeOrr what look like at the age of 4 has been released above.

UPDATE 1/21/17 –  Sheriff Bowman let out a media release to state that the department is still working on the case and any leads they receive.  Last January, Bowman named Kunz and Mitchell as suspects in DeOrr’s disappearance, but they have never been charged.  Kunz and Mitchell have since separated.

UPDATE 9/11/16 – The parents and grandfather of DeOrr Kunz Jr. is suing Klein Investigations and Consulting.  Philip Klein was the private investigator hired by them when Deorr went missing.  KIFI-TV reports that the “lawsuit alleges Philip Klein breached his contract by failing to share information. It also claims he made false statements about the boy’s parents Jessica Mitchell and Vernal Kunz, casting them in a bad light.”  Philip Klein responded by stating as of that date he has not received any documents.

UPDATE July 17, 2016 –  Klein Investigations and Consulting (KIC) searched the home of DeOrr’s parents that were forceable evicted from the home.  The landlord had cleaned the home and among the items removed were the following according to KIC:  

“Four Matchbox cars described previously by the parents as ‘missing and they did not know where they were.’
A camo child’s jacket similar to being described by both parents as being worn on the day of the event and suggested to be missing with the child.

UPDATE:  5/24/16 – The Sheriff’s Dept. has located evidence while searching an area in the campground where Deorr was last seen. “Evidence and information gathered during the course of the search will be analyzed and used to drive the investigation forward and assist in the planning of future searches.”  The police have not stated what evidence it was they found.

UPDATE 1/25/16 – The Sheriff has named Deorr’s parents and suspects in his missing case. He states the times and statements keep changing.  Sheriff Bowerman also said that polygraphs given to Walton and his friend also came back inconclusive, but that was expected because of their mental states.  This is a very peculiar statement for the sheriff to make.  Polygraph Examiners take these kind of things into consideration and if the sheriff was told by the polygraph examiner that the lie detector tests were inconclusive because of their mental states, then the test should be given again.  To understand why I am saying this, please read my story here, What does inconclusive mean on a polygraph test?

UPDATE:  1/16/16The firm hired by the family, Klein Investigations and Consulting, said Saturday that it ruled out forced abduction and a wild animal attack, reports KHQ News.

They also stated they could not rule out the boy was accidentally or intentionally killed.  This is quite a different opinion that what the police have stated, particularly Sheriff Bowman or a previous private investigator.  They exonerated Deorr’s family early on in the investigation. In full, Klein stated:

1) The team has ruled out any attack by a wild animal – beyond a reasonable doubt. There is no evidence to support this theory whatsoever.
2) The team has ruled out a forced abduction of DeOrr Kunz, Jr. – beyond a reasonable doubt. There is no evidence to support this theory whatsoever.
a. Investigators have determined beyond a reasonable doubt, there is no evidence to support the sighting of a black Rubicon Jeep.
b. Investigators have determined beyond a reasonable doubt, there was no secondary party in the immediate proximity of the Timber Creek campground that has not been vetted and cleared that could have participated in a forced abduction.
3) The team has NOT ruled out this case as a death – either accidental or with intent.

Klein’s name has been tied with many missing person cases (Google his name to see), and seems to made quite a few people mad.  But, this does not make him wrong or bad, some people that dig around in cases and dig up the truth tend to piss a lot of people off, but my concern is that Klein is based in Texas and he is reporting about a case in Idaho.  You must have a PI license in the state that you are working a case.  I do not know if Klein does or does not have a PI license in Idaho and if anyone knows, or if he cares to let us know, it would be appreciated.

UPDATE 8/12/15Frank Vilt, a retired U.S. Marshal who is now working as a private investigator says he will begin his investigation into what happened to Deorr.  Vilt tells the story about how the family stopped at a store and bought French fries for Deorr and his mom saw a man staring at him and it made her uncomfortable.

“I feel that he was abducted,” Vilt said in an interview with Tuesday. “Everything points to an abduction.”

Vilt also believes that the parents are being forthright and have hid nothing.

“On the morning of the disappearance, Kunz’s parents recall seeing a suspicious man at a convenience store in Leodore. This man, who reportedly drove a newer model black Jeep Rubicon, was described as being in his 50s with long white hair that was curly at the bottom.  He was fixated on the boy,” Vilt said. “This man made the family nervous.”

A week later, a woman told Vilt she saw a man matching this description at an ice cream store in Swan Valley, approximately 150 miles east of Leadore. The woman said she was creeped out by this man because he kept eyeing her four children, who range in age between 2 and 9. Since setting up the national hotline, Vilt has received numerous tips from across the region regarding this mysterious man in the black Rubicon. Some of the leads have turned out to be false, but others appear to be promising. However, Vilt is still waiting for a lead to come in with the Rubicon’s license plate number,” Idaho State Journal.

On Jan. 11, 2016, Magic Valley reports that Vilt stated “he backed out of the case after offering a reward for information leading to DeOrr. Vilt said the family disagreed with posting a reward.Vilt said the lie detector tests administered to those at the campsite were inconclusive.”  Read here to see what an inconclusive polygraph means.

UPDATE 7/19/15 – Authorities stated today that the cadaver dogs that led law enforcement directly to the reservoir may have been because cremated remains had been dumped into the water during the search which caused the dogs to show interest.  The sonar search yielded no results as well as a wolf den that was searched.

UPDATE 7/18/15 – Divers have searched the water many times and now they are bringing in sonar to search.  Although the water is crystal clear, the bottom is muddy   been in the water numerous times scouring nearby Stone Reservoir for any clue as to the whereabouts of the child.

UPDATE:  7/16/15 –  Lemhi County Sheriff Lynn Bowerman told Dateline divers were searched the Stone Reservoir Wednesday after cadaver dogs indicated there may be more there to find. A comprehensive search of the 2.5-mile radius of the family’s campsite has turned up no clues.

July 10, 2015 – Deorr Kunz Jr., 2, was camping with his family on Friday in Idaho when he went missing from the Timber Creek Campground. Deorr’s parent’s believed his grandfather was watching him while his grandfather believed his parents were watching him down by the creek. Although social media believe the parents may be hiding something, Bowerman states that the parents are “solid” and wished that social media would leave them be.Also on that trip was the boy’s great-grandfather and his friend, Isaac Reinwand, 35. The Idaho State Repository shows Reinwand was charged with felony rape in 2006, but was then amended down to misdemeanor domestic battery.

Deorr was last seen at the Stone Reservoir and was wearing a camo jacket, blue sweatpants and camo cowboy boots,  The Lemhi County Sheriff’s Office and  a SAR group are searching for him.  If you have any information please contact 208-756-8980.

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