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Bikini sexpresso owner, Bill Wheeler missing from Las Vegas, Nev. since 2010

Bill Wheeler, Sr.

Bill Wheeler the owner of an Everett background-investigations agency and several controversial Grab N’ Go coffee stands in Seattle, commonly referred to as sexpresso stands, left his home in Everett, Wash. and flew to Las Vegas to visit his estranged wife and pick up his truck, espresso machine and other belongings on May 26, 2010.  He told his sister he would be there around 10 p.m. and would call her but he never did.

Bill was picked up by his brother-in-law, Mark Tetzler from the airport and they drove to his house on Pioneer Avenue where Carol was living in Spring Valley, Nevada, with Bill’s grandson, and Carol’s two grown sons, reports the Seattle Weekly news.  Bill couldn’t get the Mercedes to run so he took the 2003 Toyota Tundra.  He was going to his second home, a vacant four-bedroom rental a few miles away off West Tropicana Avenue to get the $15,000 espresso machine he had there. He had salvaged the machine from the failed Vegas stand and planned to install it at a new espresso outlet in Snohomish County, he told friends.

On May 29, a gold 2003 Toyota Tundra with Washington license plate number B06035B was found burned up near Quarry Rd. and Puma Rd. in Victorville, Calif.  It was set on fire on purpose. The truck seat also had been moved back.  What was left of a cell phone was burnt beyond recognition.

After Wheeler went missing his estranged wife and son, Bill Wheeler, Jr. were in a legal battle with Snohomish County over business and personal holdings.  According to BWjr., Carol Wheeler (BW’s wife) got a business license two weeks after he went missing and called it Carol’s Grab N Go Expresso.  In 2011 the place caught on fire.

“Wheeler was about to lose the two Vegas homes and a third in Snohomish County for failing to keep up mortgage payments. In Snohomish County, five of his baristas were facing charges of prostitution after their arrests in late 2008. Police said they allowed customers to photograph them nude and touch their breasts from the drive-up lane. Wheeler’s love life was also in typical disarray. He supported his wife, gave money to an ex-wife in California—who was under the impression she was still married to Bill—and was courting one of his baristas, whom he sometimes referred to as ‘my fiancee.'” -Seattle Weekly

BW owed $20,000 in back rent and he failed to appear in court over it and an arrest warrant was issued just weeks before he went missing. Before that his Grab N Go Stands was temporarily shut down when several of the employees were arrested for prostitution and exposing themselves to customers at the business. 

BWjr filed protection order against Carol and her son of threatening him.   He said Carol tried to pay someone $10,000 to kill him while he was in the military  And he says she had something to do with his father’s death.

BWjr said that he had been living at the Everett property with his dad and handling the business.  Now his stepmom is threatening to sell everything, so he asked a judge to stop her and to get her out of the business, reports the Herald.   The case was later dismissed.                                                                                    

BWjr also stated his dad forged adoption papers to take away his son while he was in the Japan for the air force.  Bill Wheeler was granted custody after a judge said that BWjr couldn’t provide evidence of fraud.  As far as I can determine, Carol Wheeler still has custody of BWjr’s son. 

BWjr, said Carol moved into his dad’s Silver Firs house, even though she had been living in Las Vegas for five years.  The Silver Firs house was to be auctioned off in Sept., but that Carol now has a power of attorney from 2005, the courts will have to reevaluate the action.   BWjr states the power of attorney is fake.

Mark Tetzker told the Herald Net he found paperwork at BW office suggesting he had been sending money to Costa Rica banks.  (BWjr says there are no papers showing any money in any Costa Rica banks.)  Tetzker said BW had financial problems and owed a lot of people money.  He has had many people show up at the stands asking where BW was.  A judge ordered BW to pay $20,000 to a woman who sold him an Express stand in 2009.  Tetzler said he was the one that cleaned up the problems and fired the bad employees and was turning the business around. 

Las Vegas police said they are not investigating BW’s disappearance and think there is no foul play.

Snohomish County court records showed civil judgments against Wheeler totaling close to $100,000, and a $42,000 tab for defaulting on a personal loan. He also lost his three homes to the banks around the time of his disappearance, which might explain why Bill flew to Nevada to get the espresso machine. 

There is a tip of a white SUV that was seen with a medium-build man with lighter color hair and sunglasses getting out of the truck.   That same truck is believed to have been seen in Las Vegas at BW home before he went missing.   

BWjr believes his dad was killed at the vacant rental property.  He has photos of stains on the rugs he believes are blood, holes in the walls and bleach bottles setting on the counters.   Tetzler says the place was left a mess by past tenants and the stain is actually red ink.  The police have not commented on this information.

Bill’s sister had cadaver dogs search the area of Victorville near where the burned truck was found, but the dogs found nothing.

BWjr started his own Grab-N-Go Espresso Stand in Everett and a background-check firm, Sentry Investigation Services.   Bill Wheeler Jr. was convicted of sexual exploitation of a minor, a felony in 2014.  Wheeler employed a 16-year-old girl at his Grab-N-Go and the teenager engaged in sexually explicit shows.  He was sentenced to three years in jail.   In Sept. 2014, the judge agreed to allow Wheeler the opportunity to post $100,000 bail pending the outcome of an appeal.

If Bill Sr. took off and is lying low, he would be 55.  He would have had to have gotten surgery as he had testicular cancer that required surgery in order to save his life.  If he had gone to Costa Rica as Tetzker believes he could have gotten his surgery there.

If he was killed, did it happen at the rental home and someone drove the truck to Victorville and buried his body then set the truck on fire?

Was Bill with an unknown man and maybe cruising around Las Vegas before he left to go back to Washington and they got into an argument over some business dealings and that person killed him, buried him and then set the truck on fire in Victorville.

Did Bill set up his own disappearance?  Setting the truck on fire along with the espresso machine and cell phone.  Jump into the SUV that was seen at his home and leave his current life forever?  

If you think you may know where he is, leave a tip at your own discretion.  

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