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Stepfather and son go missing after family dies in home fire FOUND

Billy Joe, Tashonna, Calandra and Tobias

UPDATE:  7/17/15 – According to the FBI, Tobias and Billy Jo were located 1,100 miles from Sanford in Oldham County Texas following a routine traffic stop just before midnight Thursday.

Original story:  Tobias McLean, 17,  is missing along with his stepfather, Billy Jo McLean, 54, after his mother and sister were found dead inside their Sanford, N.C. apartment after a fire.

Authorities discovered the burned bodies of Calandra McLean, 42, and Tashonna Cameron, 13 inside their home at 916 Clark Circle on Monday afternoon., after they were called there in response to a call about a strong odor of gasoline.  By the time they fire department got there, smoke was coming from the apartment.

Billy Jo McLean and Calandra McLean had been married for five years and friends and family cannot understand what happened.

“They looked to be doing so well,” Alexander Brower who took photos at their wedding, told WNCN news.

Calandra McLean’s sister, Sadie Goodloe, told WRAL news that the couple had been having marital troubles and Billy Jo McLean did not have a good relationship with his two stepchildren. 
Billy Jo has been charged with first-degree murder.  He was last seen driving a silver 2001 Ford Windstar van.

If you have any information about the location of Billy Joe McLean or Tobias McLean, please call the Sanford Police Department at 919-777-1041.

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