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Eye doctor leaves truck and trailer alongside Montana road and vanishes FOUND

Patrick J. Fitzpatrick missing North Dakota.

After missing for over two years, the remains of missing Patrick Fitzpatrick have been found.

The Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office reports that it has recovered the remains of Dr. Patrick J. Fitzpatrick, of Bismarck, N.D.

In a press release, the Sheriff’s Office said the following:

Saturday, April 28, Gallatin County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue recovered the remains of Dr. Patrick J. Fitzpatrick, of Bismarck, ND. His vehicle was discovered stuck in a field south of Willow Creek on July 4, 2015. At that time searchers combed the area for four days, using ground crews, search dogs, helicopters, airplanes, and drones, but were unable to find him. The public provided multiple leads and sightings over the next few months, all of which were followed up by Sheriff’s Investigators. The Sheriff’s Office, with Search and Rescue volunteers continued to analyze data and develop new search plans. In March 2017, a large ground search intensively covered the drainages north of the vehicle including using SAR divers to search Willow Creek and a nearby pond but nothing was found.

Last month, SAR deputies and search managers tried again. With no progress on any of the leads, they reviewed what had been done and thought about what else they could try. Last Saturday, 26 searchers, 8 dogs, and several GCSO deputies covered that area. A bloodhound found Dr. Fitzgerald’s remains approximately a mile east of his vehicle on a rolling hillside, in a spot that hid it from view from any distance.

Sheriff Gootkin said, “We are pleased that we could bring Dr. Fitzpatrick’s family some closure. The state medical examiner’s office will perform the examination of the remains but at this time, there is no indication of foul play. Missing person investigations are very difficult. We used every tool we had and even used some technology from Bridger Aerospace without success but we never gave up. Hundreds of man hours were expended on this case and I want to thank the Search and Rescue volunteers for their dedication.”


Original Story

Dr. Patrick Fitzpatrick, 74, a retired Bismarck, North Dakota ophthalmologist was last seen in Bozeman, Montana on July 2.  A surveillance video caught Fitzpatrick walking at 9:51 in the morning in Bozeman.  Later his vehicle and camper trailer were found stuck in a muddy pea field south of Willow Creek in the Three Forks area, reported Bismarck Tribune.  Authorities believe Fitzpatrick likely caught a ride.

“From where the vehicle is stuck there are many different directions he could go.  He’s  actually stuck in what’s called a pea field.  It’s very difficult to walk through that that field was searched extensively by helicopter and you would have been able to see if someone walked through there.  There’s a two-track road that he drove in on and possibly walked out on,” Lt. Greydanus told KBZK.

Fitzpatrick was known to take regular trips to Montana to take pictures and he would stay at the Rainbow Motel in Bozeman.  On July 2, he booked a room, but never showed up.

The truck and trailer were found alongside the road, and his van
was found parked in Bozeman

Fitzpatrick has difficulty walking and he left his heart medication in the truck.

Police received a tip that Fitzpatrick was seen in Madison County on July 4 at a celebration at the volunteer fire department in Harrison, Mont.  Police went to the area but did not find him.

Fitzpatrick speaks with an Irish accent and he lives in Bismarck with his wife.  He did have a cell phone but told his wife he lost it during their last phone conversation.

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