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Newlywed rushing to find family of his bride that is in a coma

Do you know who this man is standing next to Nancy?
Danny Mason, 63, from Shreveport, LA got married last month and now he is trying to find the family of his new wife, Nancy to tell them she is on life support.
Nancy Sloan, 58, was rushed to the hospital after she had a heart attack last week, and stopped breathing. She was put on life-support,KSLA news

and is in a coma, and there are no signs of brain activity according to

The doctors told Danny it was up to him whether he should end the life support for Nancy, and Danny said he can’t do it until he finds Nancy’s family.
Danny knows that Nancy was estranged from her family, but the last known address he has for them is in Colorado. He hasn’t been able to track them down as she didn’t talk much about them and that left him with not too much to go on. He does have a photo of Nancy standing next to a young man he believes is her son.  Social media heard about Danny’s quest and is helping out as much as they can by helping searching for .
Trisha Neujahr posted on Facebook, …”She has no living parents. Her mom is buried in Ft Smith Arkansas and she has family there. She has two sons, ones name is John Wayne…Nancy was my friend and she did try reaching out to her family. I think her sister and brother would want to say goodbye.”
Danny has till Tuesday morning to tell the doctors at University Health what his decision is. He is hoping by then one of Nancy’s family members will learn what has happened and will come by and see her.
“They’re not seeing her in pain everyday, but I think I owe her that, to let her family see her,” Macon told Fox Carolina news.

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  1. I understand his good intentions in trying to find the family. But if he does not know the people's' names and she never mentioned them, it really his decision as next-of-kin.

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