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Man kidnaps ex-girlfriend after murdering her sister Found

Tammy and Kandi Murphy (Facebook)
UPDATE:  7/23/15 –  Tammy has been found and is safe.  John Hubbard has been arrested along with his cousin, Wade Rowland from his home in Eoline.  Tammy was found in a motel in Greene County along with Hubbard and Wade, according to Bibb County Sheriff’s Dept. 
Original story:  John Barry Hubbard, 60, is on the run with Tammy Murphy Carpenter, 46, who authorities believe is being held against her will.  Their last known whereabouts is believed to be in a wooded area in Centreville, about 35 miles southeast of Tuscaloosa, authorities told the Daily News. Authorities are asking for the public to keep an eye out for Hubbard who allegedly murdered Tammy’s sister on Tuesday.
Carpenter had filed an order of protection against Hubbard back in May, stating that he had assaulted her with his hands and a computer cord.  Tammy did not show up, so the case was dismissed, but according to Carpenter’s divorce attorney, she was not aware of the date of the hearing and that is why she was not there. 
“Apparently, she did not get notice from the court and she didn’t know a hearing had been set,” Jim Ransom  told AL Online. “The judge dismissed it because she failed to show up, that’s my understanding.”

Christi Phillips Moore You do not live here so you do not know what has went on. I never talk bad about any police but this time they dropped the ball. Kandi was a friend of mine and she was on FB an hour before being shot saying how she could not get help. They complained 25 times and no one helped them.

On Tuesday Hubbard showed up at Kandi Murphy’s house in  Eoline, Ala.and he allegedly fatally shot her in front of her children then forced Carpenter to go with him in his 2005 white Chevy Silverado with plate  7AB7003, Bibb County Public Information Officer Kevin Lawrence said.
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