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Missing woman and girlfriend of dead man found in SUV say he was part human and part alien

jeffrey lash

Alien jeffery lash

A woman that was reported missing has come forward to explain to her mother the connection between her and the man who had 1,200 firearms in his home.

Jeffery Lash’s decomposing body was found in a parking lot and police later found his home contained an arsenal worth millions of dollars, that included handguns, rifles and shotguns — as well as more than 6 tons of ammunition.   An amount of $230,000 in cash was also found in his home located in  Los Angeles that made national news on July 17.

Dawn VadBunker

According to Laura VadBunker, her daughter  Dawn VadBunker who she reported missing on July 7  contacted her wrote by letter explaining that she worked for Lash and he was working for the government on a secret mission, “He was part alien and part human and was out to save the world,” Laura stated her daughter said.
Harlan Braun an attorney for Catherine Nebron who was Lash’s girlfriend and VadBunker’s employee, told KTLA that Nebron said they were all at Bristol Farms on July 4 when Lash collapsed in the parking lot.  
Although they tried to help him he died and because they didn’t want to notify the authorities because of human/alien body and his position within the secret agency, they instead put him in his SUV and left it in the parking lot expecting the government to pick him up.  They both went to Oregon and when they returned several weeks later, Lash was still in the SUV.  
“When she came back, she was shocked that the agencies hadn’t picked him up,” Braun said. “So then she decided she’d better call police.” 

Lash, 60,  has not been officially identified, but his former attorney confirmed his name to KTLA.

Catherine Nebron


VadBunker’s mother believes her daughter has been caught in the middle of a mysterious death investigation and may be suffering from a mental breakdown, as.she has still not returned from Oregon or called her parents or her children, her mother said.  Reprinted from Examiner.
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