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Police move forward in a 58-year-old missing person case

West Point Police has a male suspect in the cold case of Elsie Mae Roane.  They have not released the name.

Elsie in the child in the middle
After 58 years, the police say they have a suspect in the case of missing Elsie Mae Roane.
Elsie was 16-years-old and believe that she may have been pregnant at the time that she went missing from West Point, Va. in 1957.   She was last seen with two suitcases in downtown West Point late at night.  She was never heard from again.  
In 2012, the West Point Police began looking at the case again and did interviews.  This led to a suspect in the case to a man who is in his 70’s now.
“All of the things that we checked, all of the angles we searched, and the research we did in the investigation we were unable to prove that she did not leave on her own free will,” said Police Chief Bobby Mawyer.  
Although they believe they have a suspect, they know they may never have the evidence to prove it, but would settle just to know where Elsie is so they can “give her a proper burial,” Mawyer told 13News Now.
If you have any information about this case call 804-843-2800.
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