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Florida woman missing since 1990 found in submerged vehicle

A woman that went missing in 1990 has been found inside her car submerged in a Florida pond.
Rita Sue Zul was found by Scott Dunalp that was looking for Chelsey Green on Monday.  Chelsey Green was found in the Caloosahatchee River.
Rita was last seen on Jan 14, 1990 when she was 36-years-old driving her boyfriend’s sports car after her shift at Marina 31 Lounge in East Fort Myers.  She never it made it home and was missing every since.  

Dunap found Zul’s vehicle when he spotted an oil sheen and put a magnet on a fishing pole and cast. After it latched onto something, a friend of his swam down and confirmed there was a car in the water. reported the Daily News.
The remains of a man missing for 43 years was found in a North Carolina lake. Read the full story of Amos Shook, who disappeared in 1972.

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