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Is the toddler found in the suitcase in Australia missing Maddie McCann? Identification Made

UPDATE:  10/22/15 – The body found in the suitcase in Australia has been identified to be Khandalyce Kiara Pearce,2, who is the daughter of Karlie Pearce-Stevenson whose remains were found in New South Wales in a forest in 2010.  The location is 750 miles away from where her daughter was found inside the suitcase.  The police were led to Khandalyce’s identity from a tip.

Although I mostly post about missing people in America, there are a few cases that I post from other countries, as there is a possibility the person could be in the United States.  One recently was the 3-year-old boy called “Little Spiderman,” William Tyrell from Australia that went missing from his front yard in 2015.  
Replica of black suitcase and black Tutu found in suitcase of missing Australia girl
Another was the Madeleine McCann case.  She was the 4-year-old that went missing in 2007 from a resort in Portugal where her parents and siblings were staying.  And now there is another another one that happened last week where a toddlers remains were found in a suitcase on the side of Karoonda Highway over a mile west of Wynarka in the Murray Mallee in Australia on Wednesday, July 15. 
William Tyrell

There are some convicting stories, but one is that a road crew saw the black case which has now faded to gray, behind a bush in March, but no one touched it.  Another story is that someone tipped over the suitcase and contents fell out and then the suitcase was moved out to the side of the road where is was seen by someone driving by in July.  The police want to talk to whoever found the Lanza brand suitcase and moved it to the side of the roadway so they can gather more information about the case, reported Perth Now

In June 2015, in the U.S. a Jane Doe was found in a black trash bag on Deer Island in Boston, Mass. and there has been no positive identification of her at this time, even with a composite drawing and DNA testing.

The authorities know at this time that the child from Australia found in the suitcase was likely murdered and was between 2-4 years old.  Police believe that most of the decomposition took place outside of the suitcase, in another location. She had light hair there were clothing in the suitcase like a “Dora the Explorer” purple shirt, that was manufactured around 8 years ago, pink track pants and blue teddy bear pajamas and red shorts and a black tutu and one pink shoe, and a hand-made quit.  

Authorities know that her body was probably kept in the suitcase, which is estimated to be up to eight years, and transported around in the suitcase.   

They also know that the luggage was faded from age.  
Police are asking the public to think back to the year 2007 and of any 2-4 year old little girls they may have seen in their neighborhood and think about “where those children are now,” said a police spokesman.
We know from the William Tyrell case that the police have stated that there was a pedophile ring operating in the area during that time.  There is a possibility that this pedophile ring may have been operating back in 2007, too.   One was thought to be operating during the time Maddie McCann was taken.  
I think the most striking information about this event is that a 60-year-old man was seen near the area walking along the highway caring a dark suitcase early in the morning about 6-8 weeks agp.  This does not mean that the man was involved,.   

Because of the approximate timing of the child’s death, many are wondering if Maddie McCann is the child in the suitcase.  But, how would Maddie get from a resort in Portugal to a suitcase along side a road in Australia?
The Sun news reported in Nov. 2009 that a woman who seemed to have an Australian accent asked a tourist in 2007,”Are you here to deliver my new daughter? Have you got my daughter?  Have you got her? Have you got the child? Have you got her?”
The woman was called a Victoria Beckham look-alike – Maddie McCann
The man only identified to the public as a 41-year-old British citizen said he noticed a pretty petite woman pacing up and down outside the Port Olimpic Marina near El Rey De La Gama bar in Barcelona around 2 a.m. He approached her because she seemed agitated and was pacing up and down and he believes she mistook him for another man she was waiting for and began asking him questions as soon as he approached her. 
He saw the woman again in the bar later and heard her speak in Catalan (a romance language spoke in Spain, Andorra and France).  He spoke with her again but the police have not revealed the other conversation.  
There was also many sightings of Maddie in Australia reported to police in 2008.  And it was even brought up the possibility that she was smuggled into Australia on a yacht.   

Until the DNA testing comes back we can only hope it helps solve the mystery, although the testing was done on the Jane Doe on Deer Island it helped reveal nothing as her DNA was not previously put on an database.  

I am wondering if the man, if he was the one that left the suitcase on the side of the road, put it there knowing that eventually it would be found, because there are so many places it could have been put, including the middle of the ocean, where it would have never been found. 

Sadly, either this is the remains of a missing child from several years back that the police have been looking for years, or this child was never reported missing.   Why would someone now, someone who might have been responsible with this child’s murder decide to just put her at the side of the road, knowing she eventually would be found.  It would have been very simple to bury the remains, to remove the clothing, to get rid of the suitcase, where no one would have ever found it.   Maybe the person that put her there had nothing to do with her murder , but meant for the child to be found.

I believe the child was left with all the other evidence for a reason. They meant for the clothing in the suitcase and possible the suitcase itself to be evidence to help the police to figure out who the child is, and eventually lead to a person or even a group of people that are responsible for her death.  Someone wants the police to figure out who this child is.      

Is someone who knows about the pedaphile rings that has been suspected of taking William Tyrell, trying to send clues to the police?  

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  1. Yes; but many children's DNA has not been entered into the “DNA clearinghouse” so unless they can test with a possible parent there is no way of getting an immediate match.
    I know the little girl they found in Mass. there hasn't been anyone come forward and her composite picture doesn't match any current missing children and there is no DNA match.

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