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Day: July 28, 2015

Missing Vietnam veteran was trapped under a tree for a week

Larry Shadday A Vietnam veteran who went out for a walk and disappeared has been found alive after being trapped under a tree for a week. Larry Melton Shadday, 66, from Springdale, Maryland left the Emelda’s veterans home where he was living and went for a morning walk on July 20.  He never returned. The next […]

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Was Neil Falls, shot and killed by a woman he was attacking, actually a serial killer?

Neil Falls Serial Killer Neil Falls, 45, from Springfield, Oregon was gunned-down by a woman known only as “Heather” after he came to her door and asked her, “Live or die?” then started choking her.  Heather grabbed a rake and when he put down the gun to take the rake away from her, Heather grabbed […]

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