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Missing Vietnam veteran was trapped under a tree for a week

Larry Shadday

A Vietnam veteran who went out for a walk and disappeared has been found alive after being trapped under a tree for a week.

Larry Melton Shadday, 66, from Springdale, Maryland left the Emelda’s veterans home where he was living and went for a morning walk on July 20.  He never returned. The next morning his roommate called the owner of the house they lived in telling then Shadday was still gone.

Emelda’s veterans home called police, and for a week they searched for him.  It wasn’t until seven days later when someone noticed a man in a ravine underneath a tree.  

Firerighters were called and using the jaws of life they were able to get him out.  Shadday was walking near a guardrail when he slipped and fell down the embankment, according to WSET-TV.  Shadday was confused and weak when he was found and could not say what happened, but it is believed Shadday fell and rolled down the ravine on the 9000 block of Ardwich-Ardmore Road and became wedged under a downed tree, and was too weak to move himself.  

Shadday suffered from minor injuries and was dehydrated but otherwise alright.  

Everyone is waiting to hear his story on how he was able to survive that long without any food or water.  

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