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Father and son found missing after boat circles the river

 After searching through the night on Tuesday, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department crews have located the body of a father and his son in the Brazos River in Freeport ,Texas on Wednesday, reports Click 2 Houson..

Phillip Orr, 52,  and his son Brandon Orr, 28, were crab fishing together as they have for years when for some unknown reason they both ended out of the boat and into the river.  It has been speculated by authorities that one may have fell in and the other went after him.  The life preservers and cell phones were found in the boat and the keys were still in the ignition.

The Coast Guard was called in when the commercial boat was seen circling in the river.  Although it has a “kill” switch rigged to it to stop the boat in case it became unmanned for some reason the switch did not work and the boat continued to circle.  

Authorities will continue to investigate the scene to determine the case of the accident.
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