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Golf Pro Billy Hurley looking for missing father Found

UPDATE:  7/31/15 – Hurly, Jr. has been located safe.  He was found at a Texas public library watching his son play golf on a computer.  Someone recognized him on Friday and called the police.  Hurly Jr, told the police that he was traveling.   
“He’s safe and sound and he wasn’t very talkative,” Dube said. “He’s free to come and go as he pleases. He decided to take a trip for one reason or another. The big thing is that he’s been located and his family’s been notified that he’s OK physically.”

Original story:  

Billy Hurley III a professional golfer and former Naval officer became emotional during a press conference before the Quicken Loans National Tournament on Wednesday as he talked bout his father, Williard Hurley Jr., that has been missing for five days from Leesburg, Va. reports Fox News.

Hurley stated that his dad left with some clothes, cash and his 1998 Ford F150 truck on Sunday and no one has heard from him since.  There seem to be no reason for his leaving and there is no history of mental illness.  Hurley, 61,  is a retired police officer. 

“It’s complete speculation as to why he left.  He’s been married to my mom for 30-plus years,” said Hurley.

Hurley plans on playing at the tournament this week and is hoping that his dad will check online to see his scores during the tournament or see him on TV and will also see that everyone is looking for him., and decide to return home.  

Hurley, Jr. was driving a green Ford truck with Virginia Plates YWH5898, and it has a camper shell on the back.  He used his credit card for gas in Woodstock, and he stayed overnight at a hotel in Texarkana on July 23.  

Hurley stated it was hard to make the information public, but he should know that this is actually the best way to help get his dad home.  Social media has such a wide reach that it can do what the police cannot, reach thousands of homes throughout the United States.  

We do not know Hurley Jr state of mind and he could be going through a medical crisis or even a lapse of memory and he does not know how to get home, so it is important to let the public know he is out there so they can help find him.

If you happen to see Hurley Jr.’s or his vehicle please call 703-771-4500 or leave an anonymous tip here. 

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