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Seattle software engineer goes missing on way to work

A man that was caught on a surveillance video in the tunnel by Seattle’s King Street Station on July 21 has not been seen since.

Jeremiah Foco, 34, a software engineer was scheduled to be at work at Bellevue’s Oracle office the day he went missing. 

Another video shows Foco driving into the garage of the apartment building he lives at on 6th Avenue South, and another video on Wednesday at 12:07 a.m. but it gives no answers to where Foco may be.

Police have searched Foco’s apartment for clues, including the entire apartment complex including maintenance rooms and roof and family and friends have canvassed the neighborhood with flyer’s in hopes that someone may have seen something.

Foco’s parents who are in disbelief that their son is missing have traveled from Michigan to Washington to help in the search.

Authorities have found no out of the ordinary banking activity or iCloud activity compared to other dates.

There is a possibility that Foco may have gotten on the 500 bus, but that needs to be confirmed. posted Missing Jeremiah Foco’s Facebook page.

505 Union Station footage – no signs of Jeremiah. This has been reviewed by the Security Director only. Source: Security Director
Metro Transit Security – there are 11 coaches (550 buses) that could have footage on the bus. 4 of them do not have cameras, we are awaiting to hear from the other 7. Source: Operations Security Liaison


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