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Missing 4-year-old found playing with dog at neighbors house

A missing 4-year-old is a scary situation and in Salt Lake City one little boy had his parent’s frightened when he went missing on Wednesday around noon. 

Authorities began searching the area of 2700 South and Filmore Street going door to door looking for little Walter Clingenpell, but no one had seen him.

Then officer Jeff Kolva told Good for Utah news he was knocking on doors and no one answered.

“As I was walking away, I looked back and Walter was standing in the picture window.” said Kolva.×2&auto_start=0&pf_id=9207&rel=3&show_title=0&va_id=5904004&volume=8&windows=1

The officer got a closer look and realized that the little boy was Walter himself inside the neighbors house with the family’s dog.  Evidently, Walter had walked through the gate and let himself into the home though an unlocked door, and was playing with toys while police and volunteers outside were looking for him.   

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