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5-year-old missing in Kaibab National Forest FOUND

UPDATE  8/10/15 – The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office issued at Tweet at about 6 p.m. Monday saying investigators were on their way to the spot where searchers located the body of Jerold Joseph Williams, who vanished Thursday afternoon near Jacob Lake in northern Arizona.

UPDATE:  8/9/15 – The search is ongoing for Jerald.  According to Fox news, as many as”350 people are involved in the search for the boy.”  There have been helicopter searches at night, K-9s, and SAR groups from all over the state have come to help search for him, including volunteer federal workers.

Original story:  A 5-year-old boy has gone missing at a Coconino County Campsite near Jacob Lake in the Kaibab National Forest, just north of the Grand Canyon on Thursday.

Jerald Joseph Williams of Colorado City wandered away from a campsite that he was sharing with about 20 other people, while chasing grasshoppers.  The group searched for him for about four hours before they called authorities.

A military helicopter with night-vision was used to search for him on Thursday night, but he was not located.

Jerold has short light brown hair and brown eyes and is 3’6″ tall and 35 pounds.  He has a thin build and light complexion and was wearing jeans, hiking boots and a gray shirt.

If you have any information, pals call the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office at 928-774-4523.

2 thoughts on “5-year-old missing in Kaibab National Forest FOUND

  1. Not trying to sound rude or anything, but “lithe” complexion?!? That doesn’t make any sense. Maybe “light” complexion? (in case you already don’t know, ’lithe’ is another word for skinny or thin, while 'complexion' refers to the color and tone of ones skin. Also, you say he has brown hair but in the photo above his hair most definitely looks to be blonde.
    If these facts could be clarified, it’d be much appreciated. Just trying to help.

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