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Skeletal remains found in back yard of Los Angeles home

After receiving a tip the police began digging in the backyard of the 7000 block of Elsberry Avenue in Los Angeles, and found a human skeleton on Friday.

“We have recovered skeletal remains of a body,” Ed Winter of the LA County Coroner’s office told CBS Los Angeles.  “It has not been identified yet, and it’ll be a process that we’ll follow through in trying to get the body positively ID’d as soon as possible.” name has been released of who it may be but authorities have stated it involves the whereabouts of a person reported missing in 2009. 

The mother and brother of Liliana Rangel that went missing in 2008 came to the location to see if the remains were of their missing loved one.  Detectives said they would speak with them, reports MyNewsLA.

The family of four living at the house since before 2009 were questioned by investigators. Family members have been “cooperating,” and investigators do not believe the family is involved in the missing persons case

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