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Richard Wolbert, homeless man asking for help to locate his family

UPDATE  8/15/15:  Thank you to Cecille for posting here.  We appreciate what you were trying to do Cecille and please don’t keep you from helping others.  This is just one of those cases that we may never really know the whole story on, but best to err on the side of caution.

UPDATE 8/2/15 – Evidently after this post from Cecille below she has failed to respond to many attempts from others and myself to contact her with information that has been found regarding Richard’s daughter.  Then there is a comment that states that Richard’s daughter does not want to be connected with her father for personnel reasons.

I think this is a lesson for everyone.   No  one knew the whole story and even though we were trying to help a homeless man, we didn’t think that we may be getting into the middle of something we know nothing about.   Even though someone may ask for your help, may even perceive themselves to be a certain way, tell you a story that seems sincere, it may all be a lie.   Remember we are only hearing one side of the story.  There is just no way to confirm the authenticity of this story and it may jeopardize someone’s well-being, so I will no longer be posting these types of stories. But, please note, I do believe that Cecille acting with sincerity and innocence to help another human being.

Original story:  Cecille Sloan has posted a plea to the daughter of Richard Wolbert to please get in touch with her.  According to Celille post she has befriended Richard and even has offered him money, but he says all he wants is to locate his family and his children.  He remembers that one of his child’s name is Ashley Wolbert and may be in Kentucky or Alaska.    If you can be of any help, please leave a comment here or directly to Cecille.  Thanks!  Oh, and please share if you recognize the name.


13 thoughts on “Richard Wolbert, homeless man asking for help to locate his family

  1. You should remove this information. I contacted Ashley and she wants nothing to do with this man. there is a security issue at hand.

  2. So sad…however, whatever he had done in the past…forgive and start all over again are the best thing to do. No matter what, he is still your father.

  3. Easy for you to say jp. People usually walk away for a reason. What if he abused her? What if he constantly stole from her or other family members? Sometimes people make their own bed and need to lie in it, even if the bed is in a homeless shelter. “No matter what” is just about the stupidest thing I ever read.

  4. First of all I do apologize if I harmed anyone in any ways…everyone is entitled in their own opinion..Yes it is true we don't know what went on on everyone's life..what goes on closed door..Maybe he is where he's at because of what he did in the past,maybe he deserve what he's got..The fact of the matter is I tried,,I gave someone a hope that gives will to survive..whatever it is he knew what he did ..people change and sometimes it is too late and maybe not..Hopefully someday his life will turn for the better..he might not get what he asked for but doors will open to go on living..

  5. Good work Cecille, you did nothing wrong. He asked for help & your attempt at finding his daughter was a success. She's choosing to not reconnect & that's her choice. He may have been a terrible father and just wanted a chance to apologize. At least she's aware regardless of the situation, he's thinking about her. And may he find comfort in knowing that he tried to reconnect.

  6. I would of done the same thing. I give you lots of props. First for acknowledging, Robert. So many people disregard the homeless and act like don't exist.One man had refused my money because he was so thankful of my conversation I had with him. Said it had been weeks since someone had sat and talked to him.
    You had no idea the situation you just followed your heart and tried to help. Even if the daughter wants nothing to do with him right now she may change her mind and now knows how to find him. Although, I am sure Robert is disappointed but he also knows his daughter is okay. I am just read the reply above mine and everything she said is what I bam trying to say. You are a good person Cecille. I wish there were more people like you in this world. GOD bless you.

  7. Thanks so much..we all need to help at one point or another..I have not spoken with Richard about the situation..I dont want to break his heart and want him to be hopeful.

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