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Jade Humble missing from Cincinnati

Jade Humble

Missing Person Ohio Jade Humble

Jade is still missing.  It’s been too long without any tips or sightings.  Below is a photo of her in 2013, the last photo her mom took.  Please look around and if you see anyone that resembles that photo, please take a photo and send it her and I will make sure it gets to Jade’s mom.

Jade HumbleUPDATE: 2015 – Jade’s mother stated that she heard that Jade was killed and dumped in a shallow grave. Police have been receiving trips and are investigating them.

Original Story

Jade Humble was 22 when she went missing from Cincinnati, Ohio on Dec. 4, 2014. She was last seen on the 4200 block of Georgia Avenue. No one has heard from her since. Jade has a scar on top of her left hand from surgery and a playboy bunny on her back and Jade on her buttocks and a man’s name and date on her ankle.

Jade Humble
Jade Humble

Jade’s Facebook page put up by her mom

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