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Joe Keller: Teen missing from Colorado goes missing during stop from cross country trip FOUND

Joe Keller

August 9 2016 – The remains found have been positively identified as Joe Keller.

UPDATE 7/8/16 – The Colorado Bureau of Investigation reported that bones were found in Conejos County — a sparsely populated area near the New Mexico border near a road where Bradley County college student Joe Keller vanished.  Find Joe Keller Facebook page posted, “Remains found in Conejos County On Wednesday July 6 2016 appear to those of Joe Keller. At this time the remains are being examined to confirm identity.”

UPDATE 9/10/15 – The Times Free Press ran a story about Joe and I wanted you all to read this:

One comment  from a guest at Rainbow Trout Ranch:

“I’m sorry to say that I believe local law enforcement handled this rather casually for the first 24 hours,” she wrote. “I was surprised there were no officials looking until after lunch on Friday and there were only a handful that whole first day. One of the local LEO told me rather casually, ‘He just got turned around somewhere. We’ll find him. He’s young and strong.’ The dogs didn’t come until Saturday,” the writer continued. “The heat-reading plane came later in the day Saturday.”

The Times Free Press also reported:   Rebecca Kilbourne Bogan lives about a mile from where Keller went missing. She posted a comment on the Facebook page alleging deputies hung up on locals who tried to phone in leads and were, in some cases, told “never call their office again.”

Bradley County Sheriff Eric Watson told the Times Free Press that Fetzner and Gwaltney both friends that were traveling with Joe, volunteered to take polygraphs and easily passed. Watson said texts and voicemail’s on their phones showed no hint of any disputes.

Joe Keller, 19., was last seen jogging on July 23, 2015 on Rainbow Trout Ranch in the Conejos Canyon of the San Luis Valley in Antonito, Colorado.  Keller is from Cleveland, Tenn. He was on a cross-country trip with his two friend hen he stopped to celebrate his birthday at a Colorado dude ranch where his aunt and uncle live and work.
Facebook page

Evidently, the FBI is going to help in the investigation and has agents in the area.  The police department can ask for help from the FBI when there is not enough manpower or money to cover a large search.  It was known early on by the sheriff they were understaffed and the FBI should have been brought in sooner.

On top of that, a fundraiser was started and that allowed the family to get enough money to hire a helicopter to search for Joe.

Joe’s reward money has been raised to $50,000.

If you have any information about Joe’s whereabout or anything that might lead authorities to him, PLEASE call the Conejos County Sheriffs Dept at (719)376-6778 select option 2 OR call the CBI at (303)239-4211. Thank you.

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