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New forum: Cold Case Collective

A brand new forum called Cold Case Collective is debuting today.  It is set up for those that are working or would like to work on a cold case.  At this forum you can share your facts and theories with others and talk about cold cases, exchanges ideas and come together as a collective and help solve a cold case.

The forum is brand new and ready for you to jump in and pick your cold case and start working OR add a cold case that you have already been working on and could use some help.

If you are not sure what cold case to begin working on, you may like to start working on either a john or jane doe or a case that has gone cold in your own home town.

How do you find one of those cases?  Go to and start looking around or even “Google” cold case and your town’s name to see what cases come up.  

Click here to go to the Cold Case Collective forum.

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