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Jawbone of Mass man missing since 2009 found in woods FOUND

A jaw bone that has been found in a wooded area in Massachusetts has been identified as a young man that went missing on November 12, 2009.

Ilya Lastovikin, 22, who was employed by the Family Dollar Store on Washington Street, was last seen leaving his home on Memorial Drive in Stoughton.

A jaw bone was found by a person walking on a dirt trail off of Simpson Street, which is located around the corner from Memorial Drive.  The authorities brought in a cadaver dog and additional remains were found in the area on Friday.

The family stated Ilya had been depressed and the police department checked out his phone records and friends for a lead to where he may have gone, back when he first went missing, but he was not located.  A private investigator was brought in and he had no luck finding Ilya either, reports the Patriot Ledger.

The area is often used by people riding four-wheelers, and no explanation why his remains were not found earlier.

Authorities state there is no signs of foul play.

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