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Rosie O’Donnell’s teen daughter Chelsea missing in New York Found

August 22, 2015 – More information has come out about this case.  Ocean County Police have arrested  Steven M. Sheerer, 25, from Barnegat and charged him with obscenity to a minor and endangering the life of a child.  Sheerer sent sexually explicit photos to a minor which were realized when the minor showed the photos to her mother.  The High Tech Crime Unit’s examination of the phone show evidence of “inappropriate communications over the last several weeks.”

August 18, 2015 – Chelsea was located in New Jersey on Sheerer Village Drive and is safe.

Original story:  Chelsea O’Donnell, 17, went missing from New York with her dog, Bear was posted by  Rosie O’Donnell, her mother on her website on Tuesday morning, reports NBC news.  

Rosie posted:  “chelsea and her dog bear – last seen in nyack ny – may be in NYC – please call 845-358-0206 or 911.” 

Evidently Chelsea was last seen on August 11, and the family had been in contact with her since then, but did not elaborate on when or any more details.

Rosie who earlier this year quit “The View,” reported Fox News in February.  O’Donnell was going through a divorce and  had a heart attack, said she stated at the time she needed to reduce the stress in her life.

O’Donnell also stated that Chelsea was “wearing black sweatshirt hood, dark-ripped blue jeans, women’s grey converse sneakers and a black backpack.  Chelsea has a large tattoo on her right side of a dream catcher with the word ‘Breathe.””

Rosie stated that Chelsea had stopped taking her medicine and was in need of medical attention and that bear, who is a 6-month-old, small black and brown terrier was her therapy dog.  Rosie called the South Nyack Police on Sunday to report her missing.

There is an average of 450,000 missing teens every year with more than 75%  returning the first couple of days and up to 90% after a few weeks, leaving only a small percentage that are never found.  Sadly, without Rosie O’Donnell as her mom, Chelsea’s story would likely not get much attention.

If she does suspect that her daughter has traveled to New York City, Rosie should begin by distributing flyers around the local shelters, and put in time going to these shelters to look for her as it is unlikely the police will do so as they the man-power is just not there.   

The best case scenario is that Chelsea returns home on her own or someone recognizes her dog as it would stand out more than Chelsea as she can easily hide her identity under a hoodie and sunglasses, and calls the police.  

Hopefully Chelsea had a destination and a place to go to, as being homeless in New York is scary for someone so young and inexperienced.    

How to Use Social Media to Help you Find a Missing Person has a special section on searching for Missing Teens.

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