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Need help solving a missing or murder cold case? Major cable TV network looking to cast; apply here!

UPDATE 8/24/15 – This casting is closing.  Tuesday August 25 is the last day, so get your apps in by then.

Brownstone Entertainment is casting for a major cable TV network that will have 2-3 teams of investigators who will tackle Cold Cases and try to find new answers or clues to what happened.  
They are looking for cold cases, either missing or murder.

Have you lost a loved one and the details of their death does not add up?  Has someone gone missing and you need help to find them, was someone accused of a crime they did not do?  

You can apply at the link or if you know someone please pass this to them so they can apply.  They are considering missing cold cases and murder cold cases, including children.  It you are seeking help and answers please apply for the show as they want to help.

If you would like to try out for this show, please click on the link below.  AND please do it immediately as time is short and they need to cast immediately. 

Application for COLD CASES! 

10 thoughts on “Need help solving a missing or murder cold case? Major cable TV network looking to cast; apply here!

  1. Please help find what happened to my son, Michael Keith Gorley missing since May 17th, 2015 from Stanford Ky. Foul play suspected. 38 years old.

  2. Diane Martin Collmer was killed by Dr. Sheldon Isaacson (anesthesiologist), her fiance, on Nov. 7, 2012 in Syracuse, NY. He beat her and her dog for years. She was in the process of buying her own house so she could leave him and she was found dead in her bed in the mid-afternoon by Sheldon. He said she was still sleeping when he left for work in the morning. He was banned from attending her funeral. Sheldon has since moved South to Texas or Florida. Please investigate.

  3. Heidi Allen case — Gary Thibodeau wrongly convicted
    Heidi Allen disappeared from the convenience store where she worked near Syracuse, NY, on Easter of 1994. Two brothers were wrongly accused of her kidnapping and murder. One was convicted and sent to prison. Now new evidence shows another man is responsible.

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