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Troubled son of Tom Hanks is missing, or is he?

UPDATE 8/28/15 – Reps for Hanks state that Chet is not missing and the story is  “totally and completely untrue.”  I have not heard any comments directly from Tom Hanks nor Rita Wilson posted anywhere at this time. 

Chet Hanks, 25, the son of actor Tom Hanks has had his troubles with drug abuse and last March was in a fight at The Vault nightclub in LA and in June he apparently trashed a hotel room while drunk according to Star Magazine.

Now I read that it’s been over a month since anyone has heard from Chet.  He posted on Instagram on July 23 and said he was not going to be on Instagram for a while and he was, “getting the f**ck out of Dodge for a min….gonna go get my mind right.”  But no one knows where that may be.   

Chet landed his first acting role in 2007 and was Jimmy Grimm in the 2015 Fantastic Four movie.  

He has not called his family, friends or showed up on social media for over a month.  

Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson have been worried about Chet after a lot of weird nonsensical video posts made by Chet popped up on social media, but there has been no missing person report made to the police by the family at this time.  

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