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Brian Miller missing from Houston since 2014

Brian Miller Houston, Texas

Brian Miller, 32, has been missing from Houston since June 2, 2014.  He was last seen on June 2 around 10:25 p.m. on 1960 and Aldine Westfield Area.  Brian’s car a 2000 silver Chevy Malibu was found abandoned in Hurst, Texas on June 6.

UPDATE: 9/9/15 –   I receive messages daily from all kinds of people asking questions or needing help and I got an email from Brian Miller’s sister, Jenny.  She was frustrated with Brian’s case and didn’t feel as though it was going in a positive direction.  I asked and she wanted to share her story with everyone.  What I think you will find, and I am speaking mostly with those in the Texas area, that Jenny’s story is going to sound a lot like your own MP story.  The struggles she has gone through to get answers from the police, the lack of motivation and communication from the Sheriff’s Dept.

You have heard me say it many times before, without any evidence of foul play a case will linger until it grows cold and forgotten.

Jenny is doing what she can to find her brother and to find answers just like a lot of you out there.  David Neily‘s daughter, Lisa; and Larry Baker‘s brother, Jerry.  Some of you have a pretty good relationship with the police, but most of you don’t and it seems the more you press them the more stonewalled they get.  Some of you have become so worn out from no answers and no support you have to stop.  Sometimes just to rest, and sometimes just to move on.  No one will every judge you on your choice, I won’t let them.

So take a few minutes and read Jenny’s story and remember she is one of you and help if you can.  A kind word, a tip, a thought, can go a long, long way, when right now all she is hearing is nothing.

Jenny:  My brother is still missing from Houston and the Sheriff’s department. Our family is in NY and I live in RI. A lot of important evidence was destroyed by Texas DPS due to neglect. The case was not investigated until a few months into my brother’s disappearance. The person who filed the report has lied to the cops, drugs may be involved, and there is foul play. What else can we do, besides me moving to Texas??? I am out of my mind. Our parents passed when we were younger but it is just us now. What can I do?

MPofA:   I see that you have talked with First Priority. Have you talked with Tim Miller, as he is in that area. Also, you may want to look at my Missing Texas Forty story.  Although this concentrates on Montgomery and Liberty County Texas, Harris is not that far away. There seems to be an epidemic of missing people from this area of Texas. (I go on from there talking about NCIC and other stuff, but let’s move on, and give Jenny the floor.)

Jenny:  When we first found out about it, a few of my aunts and uncles and I went to Houston for 2 weeks and did searches and info gathering on our own. We discovered way more than the deputy had before we found out about Brian being missing. The friend who reported him missing is also the last person to see him, and had property of my brothers, including Brian’s gun safe, which he lied to the police about. It is fishy, and it is so sad that other families are experiencing this as well.

Financial info for Brian was asked repeatedly over the months, she (the deputy) continues to say she hasn’t received it…but one of the institutions who I am also connected with keeps telling me they haven’t received a request. I think about just up and moving sometimes, and looking into this stuff myself. There is just too much weirdness.  There are also two other recent missing persons/murders in the immediate Jacksonville area where Brian’s car was found ‘abandoned’ over the year and a half before Brian went missing. Texas DPS towed his car on the 6th but had marked it on the 4th. There is one man, Javier Jimenez, who went missing in Jacksonville and then was found shot in the back of his pickup in the backyard of a house that was for sale. The other missing person, from the next town over, is Randall Roberson. He was reported missing, and his car was found ‘abandoned’ days later on a county road about 5 miles from where Brian’s car was.

So there have been strange things, there have been official missteps (the detective from Harris County was notified that Brian’s car was located, but she never contacted DPS back, and the car was destroyed a month later; she did not request phone or bank records until we contacted her 2 months after Brian went missing). Brian was friends with people he told me were involved in the dealing of drugs, and worked with people related to these friends, and the person who reported him missing has connections to these people as well.  Statements made to me by the person who reported him missing were highly unusual. It was like he was trying to convince me that Brian had killed himself, but everything seems suspicious.”Thanks Jenny for sharing.  I am betting there will be readers that will have advice for you.If you have any thoughts or ideas for her please let her know and please share with others that could be of help to her.Also, to the media:  Please contact me if you want to talk with Jenny directly.  With Javier’s murder and Randall missing and now Brian, the public I’m sure would be interested in knowing more.

Brian has a tribal style bull tattoo on his left forearm and a large word tattoo on the inside of his right forearm.

Please keep an eye out for him he may be in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington or Houston area.

If you have any information about him, please contact the Harris County Sheriff’s Dept. at 713-755-7427.

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  1. Hello I am so sorry for the frustration. I have friends in Colorado who are dealing with a police department that is dragging their feet and have just dragged their feet on her daughter and unborn child. This has gone on for over two years now. It breaks my heart and I pray the Lord gives you strength to continue on your journey. My brother was murdered in 2005 and the person was never caught the cops wrote it off as something that did not make sense. So I have had my share of pain in all this as well with the police. Blessings

  2. There is a man who lives in Colorado, Pete Klismet, who is working on another missing persons case . U can look up his info on the internet. He would be able to give guidance.

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