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Man on “bucket list” trip may be lost near Succor Creek in Oregon after 5th wheel and truck got stuck Found

Photo courtesy of Malheur County Sheriff’s Office

UPDATE:  8/0’15 – Wrigley’s body was found at 9 a.m. on Sunday morning about seven miles from where his truck was left, said Malheur County Sheriff’s Dept. 

Wrigley’s was a widower and his wife had died last year and he told friends he was determined to take this trip to check it off his bucket list.

Original Story: Authorities are searching for  a man whose truck and trailer were found slid off the road in Malheur County Oregon on Saturday.

The truck belongs to a California man, 69-year-old Silas Wrigley from Chico who may be lost by Succor Creek.  Wtrigley’s truck and fifth wheel were found in an area where a camper and truck should not be as the terrain is too rough and uneven.  

Police believe the truck may have been there for more than two weeks before it was found by a local resident.

According to Wrigley’s family he was on a fishing trip and planned to be gone up to two weeks.  He was last heard from on Aug. 5, 2015 and he said he was at a tire store in Bend heading to eastern Oregon..  After checking with family police checked with doctors and hospitals, and tracked his phone and credit cards and came up with nothing.  

On Thursday a plane searched the area for most of the day.  The Succor Creek area where the truck was found is surrounded by caves and rock overhangs that can obstruct the view from a plan.  A ground crew also searched and they will continue through the week end.  Cougar tracks have been found as well as wild stallion hoof prints.  

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