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Month: September 2015

Kelly Pruett missing from Hayfork Found

Trinity County Sheriff’s Office released a statement that Kelly has been found alive and well. The Trinity County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a missing person on September 14, 2015. The missing person was identified as Kelly Pruett of Hayfork, CA. She was last (more…)

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josh madden

Body of teen missing for seven years found in chimney of cabin

Joshua Vernon Maddux was 18 when he went missing  from Colorado in 2008.  His family thought he may have decided to go off on his own and they never heard from him again. On Aug. 7, 2015,  a cabin that had been moved from a (more…)

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Toddler found wandering with blood on clothes in Baltimore

A little girl was found wandering the Baltimore streets alone on Sunday night with blood on her clothes, by a security worker at the CVS parking lot. Frank Myers asked her where her parents were and the little girl replied, “Well, I want to go (more…)

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Woman disappears and her car is driven then towed by an unknown person police want to talk to

December 2017 – Gibbs was found guilty in the murder of Zulma. Zulma nor her body have yet to be found. UPDATE 2/25/2016 – Dr. John Gibbs who has been taking care of Zulma and his child since she disappeared was arrested for child neglect.  Gibbs is (more…)

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Man calls wife hysterical then vanishes from Houston IHOP leaving van behind

Larry entered into NAMUS. UPDATE:  10/13/15 – Larry is still missing.  Police state Turner is in danger. Austin Police Detective J.J. Schmidt says authorities believe Turner is still in the immediate Austin area. “We feel at this point in our investigation that Mr Turner is (more…)

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julie mott

Why was the body of Julie Mott stolen from a funeral home?

Missing Person Texas Julie Mott Jan 30, 2018 – The civil trial in the case of the stolen missing body of Julie Mott will begin in San Antonio, Texas today, again Mission Park Funeral Chapel. April 2016 – Julie’s body is still missing.  Her ex-boyfriend (more…)

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11-year-old Kansas City boy last seen at McDonald’s with stranger FOUND

UPDATE 92715 – Zander has been found and is safe. A dog picked up the boy’s scent in the area. Two family members were with him when he made the discovery.“He’s in great heath. Everything was fine. He was just playing with his friends in (more…)

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Martin County Sheriff’s open cold case of missing 80-year-old Mabel Tresner

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office stated today that they are going to reopen the case of missing Florida woman, Mabel Lee Tresner, 80 who went missing 22 years ago. Mabel lived in Jensen Beach in a mobile home off Baker Road. She didn’t have any (more…)

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Dr. Kiewe, voted 2015 best cardiologist on Long Island has gone missing FOUND

Randy Kiewe UPDATE 11/10/15 – Randy Kiewe has been found safe.  There is no further info and the police have not released any information.  All we know from the PIO is that he is alive.   UPDATE:  10/22/15 – I have checked today and there (more…)

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Endangered Adult Rosa Pineda from Bradenton, Florida FOUND

UPDATE:  Bradenton Police posted on their Twitter feed that Rosa had been found. Ms. Rosa Pineda walked away from her house located in the 1100 block of 26th Avenue West in Bradenton, Florida at 8:00pm on  Tuesday, September 15, 2015. Ms. Pineda suffers from schizophrenia (more…)

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