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Skeletal remains of baby found under deck of Idaho house

 UPDATE:  As of August 2016, the identity of the baby is unknown although the authorities do know it was a female.

Original story:  When a landlord was having a construction crew work on the deck of his rental in the 1300 block of West Teton Place in Nampa in preparation for renting, the crew found human bones, which turned out to belong to a baby.

“It’s kind of shocking to find a baby underneath a deck, but we don’t know if it was a stillborn or a child that something traumatic happened to,” Nampa Police Sgt. Joe Ramirez told KTVB news.

The owners are not suspects as they recently purchased the home as a foreclosure and it has been sitting empty for a long time. Police have already found around 12 people who have lived at the house since it was built, but won’t know when the baby died until they hear from the coroner. 

When the forensics are done, authorities will be able to narrow down the time.  At this point the police do not know if a previous tenant buried the bones or if some stranger came onto the property when it was vacant. 

The Canyon County coroner said her office received a partial skull and some rib bones.

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