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Body of missing pregnant woman found in remote cemetary

A Florida woman that told her mom she needed a little me time, has been found dead in a remote cemetery in Daytona Beach on Thursday, reports WESH news.

Shaqierra Pinckney, 22, who was 4 months pregnant left her mom’s house on Berkshire Road on Sunday.  She left her two chlldren with her mom to watch and was expected back that evening, but.she didn’t return.

Rev. Christopher Coleman was in the Gethsemane Cemetary preparing a grave for an upcoming service on Thursday when he picked up a bad odor.  When he looked around he saw a body. 

Police are considering Shaqierra’s death as a homicide and are looking at a recent posting on they found for clues to whom might have done this crime.  

The location of the cemetery is so remote that you have to live in the area to even know it is there, or had been there before to visit someone buried there.

Neighbors and family are wondering if it was someone that lives in the neighborhood that did this horrible crime.  

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  1. What about her husband or the father of the recently deceased (also) child? Why would she meet someone at night in a cemetery unless she was strongly enticed? Especially being pregnant.

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