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New Jersey woman missing after car found idling along side the road Found

UPDATE:  9/9/15 – Christine has been found alive in a  wooded area off Kuser Road.  Volunteer K-9 search teams located Christine near a fence that separates the highway from power lines, police Capt. James Stevens said.

Christine’s name was called and she answered by blinking.  She was dehydrated, weak, had a lot of insect bites and showed signs of being exposed to the elements for several days.

Original story:  A New Jersey woman is missing after her car was found idling along the side of the road in Trenton.

Thomas Rosie who is estranged from Christine Rosie from Hamilton told her 8-year-old daughter that she would walk her to school the next morning before she drove off in her Chevrolet Cobalt.

Although Tom and Christine lived separately they talked to each other every day, but not since the car was found idling on the eastbound shoulder of Kuser Road near Route 295 overpass. 

Everything was fine on Sept. 1, after she drove off with promises to be back in the morning, but she didn’t show up.  Instead, the police contacted Tom to tell him her car was found on Wednesday morning with all of Christine’s personal belongings were still inside the car. 

Tom told the Trentonian that Christine “struggles with alcoholism” but she was involved with AA and seemed to be doing well. 

Authorities used a K-9 to track where Christine might have gone but the trail went no where.  There is no signs of foul play and why she would just bolt from the car leaving everything behind is hard to explain.

If you have any information on Christine’s whereabouts please contact 609-731-1123 or leave an anonymous tip here.

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