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Mysterious disappearance of Connecticut couple; are they hiding or are they victims of murder by their own son? FOUND

UPDATE:  10/30/15 – Weston Police received information about possible human remains found in bags at 89 Norfield Rd which is the vacated home of a friend of Kyle Navin.  They have been identified as Jeffrey and Jeanette Navin.  Their son remains in jail on Federal gun charges.   Police have called him a suspect in the deaths of his parents.

Original story:  August 7, 2015, was the last time anyone heard anything from Jeffrey Navin, 56, and his wife Jeanette Navin, 55, of Easton.    The Navin’s owned a family business called J&J Refuse.  Their car was found in a  commuter lot in Westport a few days later by police.  The window had been smashed.

The police investigation revealed that the couple were in debt of more than $2 million.  The couple had just gone to court and lost their last appeal in a foreclosure case where they were fighting over the debit of a multimillion-dollar home that was foreclosed on.  HSBC Bank USA filed a foreclosure against Navin in 2007, alleging that he had failed to pay any of a $1.3 million mortgage on 7 Hart Road in Guilford.  The debt with the bank grew over the next 8 years, until the Navin’s now owed more than $2.2 million on the house by the end of 2014.  Then there is also the debt Jeffrey owes the power company of $139,000 for that same house.  No explanation how the debt grew so large before the power was cut off.  No explanation how long the Navin’s lived in the the home that HSBC Bank foreclosed on before moving out.

Before that the couple resolved a foreclosure issued for a house in 2012 by selling it.

Even though there were financial issues the Navin’s seemed to be doing fine.  The immediately family have stated there was no financial problems.   Nexis Lexis records show they were earning $216,000 a year and they had just sold a house that was in Jeannette’s name only, for $900,000 in June.  I do not know how much of that they were able to keep after commissions and if there was any equity in the home.  They then moved to Easton where they rented a home owned by Robert Hennessey and Patrice Barrett, on Staples Road.  Although court documents can show personal financial issues people go through they do not offer any explanation and the Navin’s as well as thousands of other people go through these same types of issues at least once in their life time.  Some couples separate, some couples bind together and it seemed as though the Navin’s were of the latter.

Is it possible they took the proceeds from the house they sold in June and just left to start their life a new, so they didn’t have to pay back the $2 mil they now owe?  Police said Dominik Vento, the owner of the Wilton company, told them he wanted to buy J&J Refuse and was in talks with the Navin’s about the sale.

Or, did the Navin’s take off for a vacation together feeling they owed no one an explanation, to recuperate from their loss over the court case.  With Jeffrey’s brother, half owner of the business he could carry on while they were away, but that doesn’t explain Jeannette leaving her job at the Weston Public Schools district that she had for 18 years without notifying them.

Police must believe foul play as they have gone to a landfill to look for their bodies and that is not normally part of a search for a couple that have gone missing without some type of evidence that leads them to believe the couple is dead.

Then there is Jeffrey and Jeannettes son, Kyle Navin, 27, who was arrested on Monday for having a firearm, which he is not allowed to have because of his past alleged substance abuse.  Authorities are calling him a person of interest in his parents disappearance based mostly on some conflicting stories and a very interesting group of text messages between Kyle and his dad.

On Aug. 7, text messages exchanged between Kyle and Jeff:

11:40 a.m.  Kyle:  What cleanup are you at?
11:46 a.m.  Kyle:  Cleanup address?  Can you write it?
12:34 a.m.  Jeff:  Where are you?
12:34 p.m.  Kyle:  I’m clicking to answer your call and nothing is there.  I can’t hear you.
12:35 p.m.  I left. You were dumping then heading home right?
12:37 p.m.  That’s where I’m headed.
12:39 p.m. Jeffrey: I’m not going home till I know mom is okay.
12:42 p.m. Jeffrey: Did you hurt mom?
12:43 p.m. Kyle: No absolutely not. Why would you think
12:44 p.m. Jeffrey: I go home and get framed for murder
12:45 p.m. Kyle: Oh stop
12:48 p.m. Jeffrey: I’m going to the police first
12:50 p.m. Kyle: Ok and reason being?
12:51p.m.  Jeff:  Dave’s phone is working fine
12:54 p.m. Kyle  Ok well mines having issues, moms is and jen was able to text, the calling was messed up.
12:54 p.m. Kyle Maybe his is newest
12:54 p.m. Kyle Newer
12:57 p.m. Jeffrey: U R setting me up
12:58 p.m. Kyle: Dad really what are you talking about?
1:14 p.m. Kyle I’m home, I left a spot on the road for your truck to fit

According to affidavit Jeff and Jeannette’s phones received calls between 8:45 a.m. and 1:23 p.m. BUT both phone were in an “inactive status” — in other words they were turned off.  It is unclear to me if the affidavit is stating that both phones were turned off the entire time.  If so, how did Jeff’s phone respond to Kyle’s phone and have a conversation that is posted above?

What in the world could have transpired to cause Jeffrey to think that his own son would hurt his mother and try to set him up? And if he really believed that, why didn’t he follow up and call the police?  Could Jeffrey actually have hurt his wife and then texted Kyle to make it seem as though he did it?

Kyle told the police that he talked about work with his dad as Kyle works with his dad at JandJ Refuse on Aug. 4, and never mentioned the text messages.  He also stated he picked up his mom on the morning of Aug. 4 at the park and ride near Exit 42 in a garbage truck and they did the route together.  Then around 9 a.m. he call his dad because his back was hurting me him at a nursery and Jeannette got out and got into the truck with his dad and drove off.  Kyle went on home to Bridgeport and then around 12:30 he headed back over to his mom and dad’s house to pick up his paycheck which his dad had taped to the door,.  He returned home and nursed his hurt back for the next three days, according to the courts papers.

Police kept interviewing Kyle and saw his story change and the times change.  Now he returned home at 8:20 a.m. and he asked him mom to finish his route.

Then Kyle’s girlfriend said Kyle asked her to follow him in her car to his parents house and Kyle drove his dad’s truck.  He parked the truck and then returned to Bridgeport together.  This occurrence was actually picked up on the security camera when they pulled onto the Navin property.  There was no time period mentioned when this happened.

Then there is that pesky Home Depot receipt from Aug. 5 that shows Kyle, who was suppose to be nursing his hurt back at home, buying drain cleaner and stain remover and contractor cleanup bags, according to the complaint.

A search at Kyle’s home found prescription drugs like xanax and oxycodone. illegal drug residue from heroin, baggies, hypodermic needles and weapons and ammunition.  Kyle’s cell phone showed text messages of him discussing using drugs.

Kyle is currently being held in jail and I will keep checking back to see what new updates come up on this story.


According to the affidavit there were three different stories from Kyle:

8/7/15 Interview:   Kyle last spoke with parents  on 8/4/15 when they came to his home to ask if he want dot go to dinner with them that evening.  He said no because of back pain.

8/9/15 interview:  Kyle said last saw his parents 8/4/15 a.m. while he was at work.  He also sop to them on the phone throughout the day.  Last spoke to dad around noon.

8/11/15 – interview:  Kyle said he met mom on 8/4 at the park and ride near Exit 42 and  she got into the truck and they did the route together.  Around 9 a.m. he called Jeff to meet them at the nursery.  At 10:30 a.m. his mom got out of the struck and into Jeff’s truck and then he drove home to his house on Aldine Ave. (Affidavit shows 10:20 a.m. and 1:l9 p.m., the cell site activity from Kyle’s phone shows that he traveled from Bridgeport to Westport to Easton to Westport to Easton and then back to Bridgeport where he remained until 2:56 p.m)  He stayed there till 12:30 when he went back to his parent’s house in Easton and picked up his paycheck then went homer the rest of the day.

8/13/15  interview:  Kyle said that he met his dad and mom at 6:30 a.m. on August 4 at the nursery.  His mom got into his truck to do the route.  Then around 8:30 a.m. Kyle decided he would work anymore because of his back pain and asked his mom to finish the route.  Because she didn’t know the route he drove home to get the paperwork with the route and they got there around 9:20 a.m.  They then drove back to Westport where they met Jeff off of Roseville Rd.  His mom got out of his truck and into his dad’s truck  Kyle then drove back to his house and got there around 11 a.m. and stayed there twill he got a call from his dad that his paycheck was taped outside the front door.  He drove over there to get it and then he returned home.  He talked with his day on the phone throughout the day about the truck route, and nothing about his mom and her safety.  On Aug. 6 his uncle told him that his dad had not shown up for work that day.  

In none of these interviews does he mention that at 3:06 p.m. a video shows Jeffrey’s garbage truck being driven on Center Road and Kyle’s girlfriend was following behind in her car. The truck was parked and approximately 29 minutes later the girlfriend’s car leaves.

Jeannettes phone:  8:45 Last outgoing phone call
9:20 a.m. Phone stopped working
Jeff’s phone:  1:23 Last phone call
1:32 Phone stops working

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