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Experienced hiker fell off cliff 250 ft to her death

 Kerry Crowley, 43, who told her family on Tuesday that she was going to go hiking on the Jacob’s Ladder trailhead was found dead at the bottom of a cliff on Wednesday morning near the Cirque of Lone Peak in Corner Canyon in Draper, Utah. 

Authorities believe that Crowley feel about 250 feet to her death. 

The family reported her missing on Tuesday night and drove to the trail head parking lot to look for her and found her car there.

“It’s kind of terrifying, “Kerry’s husband said.  “When we pulled up and saw the car, I think we were all kind of in shock because we were hoping that she just started driving and her phone was dead.”

Kerry was an experienced hiker but it was the first time she had hiked Jacob’s Ladder.  Authorities theorize she may have walked towards the edge off the trail to site see and fell.

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