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Luxury boat sinks; did owner sink it on purpose and disappear? FOUND

UPDATE:  10/5/15 – A body was found on Sunday on the beach, partially floating in the water.  The authorities believe it may be the body of missing Patrick Presutti.  A coroner will make the positive identification. 

Original story:

A 31-foot cabin cruiser was spotted by a freighter about 7 miles off the shore of Lake Huron with 6 feet of the bow bobbing up and down in the water on Sept. 8, but the owner could not be found.

Patrick Michael Presutti, who will turn 62 next week was on the boat after he got into an argument with his wife on Aug. 29.  His wife reported him missing when he did not return.

Patrick was seen at the Bouvier Bay Yacht Club in Fair Haven marina on Aug. 30 getting on the boat by himself and leaving the marina. 

Authorities believe that someone intentionally tried to sink the boat because a strainer was left open inside allowing water to come inside.  It is not something that would come lose on its own and would take a tool.

“It’s almost like a strainer on a pool, except a little smaller, Capt. Elizabeth Darga of the Macomb County Sheriff’s Dept. told Michigan Live.  “It catches all the seaweed and debris.  It was being held down by wingnuts, and those were off.”

Authorities and family want to make sure that Patrick is still alive and is asking for anyone to call them if they happen to see him at 568-307-9358.

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