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Foot of toddler found in Chicago lagoon; police release sketch; identity confirmed

Kyrian Knox
Kyrian Knox was identified as the toddler whose remains were found in
the water in Garfield Park

UPDATE 11/1/16 – Almost a year after identifying the 2-year-old’s remains,  Chicago police say they have made an arrest in his death.  Kamel Harris was arrested and charged with first-degree murder in the death of Kyrian Knox. 

UPDATE  11/20/15:  Kyrian Knox has been identified to be the toddler whose remains were found in the water in Garfield Park.   Kyrian is from Rockford, Illinois.  He was reported missing in August. 

Investigators are hoping to speak to  Kamel Harris and Danyelle Foggs, again. They took care of Kyrian while his mother, Lanisha Knox, was in the process of relocating to Iowa.  
Foggs and Harris were watching Kyrian when they said a man and woman who had permission from Kyrian’s mom, picked him up and never returned.

Foggs and Harris talked with Rockford Police, and were released.  Chicago police want to talk with them to but have not been able to find them.  Investigators say the two are not suspects, but could help lead them to the person who dismembered the boy and left his body parts in a Chicago lagoon.

Danyelle Foggs and Kamel Harris

UPDATE:  10/14/15 – King Walker has been ruled out as this child.

UPDATE:  9/14/15 – Police are considering if the remains may belong to Malik Drummond from Arkansas or Malik Walker from Indiana. Malik remains were found in Dec 1, 2015.

Last week the foot of a toddler was found floating in a lagoon in a Chicago park and today police have released a photo of what the child may have looked like.  On Sunday additional body parts were found.  Authorities believe the child was in the water 1-2 weeks.

Sketch of Kyrian before he was identified

The dismembered parts of the child who is estimated to be between 2-4 years old was found in Garfield Park that is used as a place to swim or boat.  It is a 184-acre urban park located  on Chicago’s West Side.  It has been undergoing renovations recently and is even more popular than ever.

The sketch that was released on Thursday shows a child with large wide eyes and a chubby face, brown eyes and short, curly black hair. His or her ears were not pierced. Police are hoping that someone will recognize him and come forward with his identity.

Already the detective have received 150 tips that they are still investigating.  At this time they are not sure if the child is a boy or a girl as the torso has not been found.  The water department is draining the lagoon to search for more remains as officers go door-to-door in the neighborhood. The draining process, which began Tuesday, could take up to five days, officials said.

DNA has been taken and is being analyzed.

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