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Macin Smith: Utah teen may be hitchhiking to Vegas

UPDATE 5/17/19 – The Deseret News is reported that the police investigated the possibility that Macin was murdered.  Authorities are stating Macin’s parents never called about updates on the case nor go on any searches for their son and gave inconsistent statements that led the police to issue a warrant to place a GPS on Macin’s father’s truck.  An affidavit for a warrant stated:

“Throughout the investigation there have been discrepancies between what Macin’s parents, Tracey and Darrin Smith, have told the St. George Police Department, Red Rock Search and Rescue and the media. ”

Darrin stated he was happy they did that as it would show he had nothing to hide.

The authorities have not stated what information they found out with the GPS tracker, but they did say that no one in the investigation is considered a suspect, right now.

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Original Story: Macin Smith, 17, was last seen by his mother, Tracey Smith on Sept. 8, 2015, Tuesday morning when she woke him up for school.

Macin goes to Desert Hills High School in St. George and his mother is not sure if he got on the bus or not that day.  He was seen in the Mulberry section of Little Valley around 7 a.m. on Tuesday.  He left behind his wallet, cash, cell phone, passport and backpack.  The night before Tracey and Macin’s father, Darren Smith, took his laptop and cell phone to prevent him from staying up too late.

Tips have come in that he may have been hitchhiking on an on ramp to I-15 holding a sign that said “Las Vegas.”   Other tips say he was spotted on Brigham Road.

 Volunteers are searching for him in Vegas.  Later the tip regarding Las Vegas was ruled out.

“Nothing makes sense, but I’m trying to make sense out of a teenage brain and that’s probably…I don’t know,” Tracey told St. George News.  Macin is 6’4″ tall, 200 pounds with short blond hair and blue eyes.If you have any information, please c all the St. George Police Dept. at 435-627-4300 or leave an anonymous tip here.

Anyone who has information leading to Macin’s return home is instructed to contact SGPD at 435-627-4300. There is a $10,000 reward for any information regarding his whereabouts. Macin’s National Center for Missing and Endangered Children case number is #1254151. Connect with Macin’s Army on Facebook at

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