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Virginia man missing after crashing car FOUND


Shane Fell went missing after rolling his car near New Orleans, Louisiana on June 9, 2011. The police said Shane was not in the car when they arrive.  There have been sightings of him in Louisiana, Florida, Texas and North Carolina selling orgami (hand-made) flowers and sour grass flowers, but there has been no positive identification yet. 


On Oct. 2012, Brandon Young, 29, was seen driving his white Dodge pickup truck before he was in a single-car crash on Highway 47 near Belen, N.M., resulting in him crossing the freeway and crashing into a power pole and going through a barbed wire fence, reported KRQE.  When authorities arrived, Young was gone.  Young’s body was found about a mile away from where he crashed his truck.

On Feb. 2012,  Lee Vesely’s minivan was found crashed into a tree on the side of the highway around 6:40 a.m. on Thursday in Emerald Grove.  The airbags had been deployed, but no blood was found in the car and police determined it has been abandoned for several hours has there was frost over the van.  Lee’s body after an extensive weekend search, not far from where he crashed his vehicle.
On Feb. 2012,  Annile Hobbs crashed her car into Plaster Creek and she was not located anywhere.  Several days later Annile called the police and told them she was safe and and left the scene after the crash.

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