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San Diego diabetic man on crutches goes missing

Bear Diaz

1/22/16 -Authorities said Diaz has not contacted his family or friends since he disappeared, and there has been no activity on his bank account or social media.  Authorities said it remained unclear whether Diaz had left voluntarily or was the victim of foul play.  Diaz, a member of the Barona Indian Tribe, is diabetic and, when he went missing, was using crutches due to a slow-healing injury on his left foot, authorities said.

9/22/15 – The family will be going door to door on Tuesday, seeing if they can find out any information on the whereabouts of Elijah, who is still missing.

Original story:  A San Diego County man who uses crutches or a wheelchair has been missing since Aug. 29, 2015

Bear Diaz
Elijah “Bear” Diaz, 20, was last seen near his home on Joey Lane in El Cajon and only had a week’s worth of insulin.

What the family finds strange is that Bear left behind one shoe, one glove, his eye glasses and charger, but took a large TV set that would have taken someone else to carry it out of the home.   With Bear’s injuries on his feet and only being able to use a wheelchair or crutches there is no way he could have taken the TV out of the home by himself.  The family believes someone must have taken him also.  It is possible Bear is using crutches to get around.

Bear with glasses

A PI assigned to the case is calling the case suspicious. Bear has brown hair and may not be wearing his glasses.  He has a bear claw tattoo on his forearm.

Bear has a bear claw tattoo on his right forearm

Bear should be easy to spot if he is on the street, so if you see him or have any information, please call the El Cajon Police Dept. at 619-579-3311 or leave an anonymous tip here.

Bear may be in this area according to a tip.  Please read this story to learn more about it.

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