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Amber Alert for toddler from Canada cancelled, Found deceased

9/27/15 – Derek James Saretzky, 22, faces two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of Terry and Hailey.  Last week he was taken to the hospital after a suicide attempt.  He was left in the shower by himself and he attempted suicide.  He was put into a medically-induced coma at the hospital.  On Friday Sept. 25, he awoke and is now talking a source told Global News. 

9/16/15- On Wednesday, Derek James Saretzky, 22, was charged with two counts of first-degree murder and one count of indignity to a human body in connection to the deaths.

9/15/15 – This evening the remains of Hailey were located in a rural area of Blairmore.

9//15/15 – Later today it was announced that a Blairmore man has been arrested who authorities state had something to do with Hailey’s kidnapping and her father’s death.

“To my knowledge that person has been arrested in association , both the homicide and the disappearance of Hailey, RCMP Hamori said during a news conference.

 “We have located a white van that we believe is associated to the investigation in the area however it’s too soon to know if it’s exact van we’re looking for,” said Hamori. “The Amber Alert is still in effect with respect to locating this white van and we are looking forward to information from public with regards to the investigation, whether has to do with the homicide aspect, the van or the disappearance of Hailey.”

 Blanchette had a minor criminal history, including assault and theft, according to Calgary court records. Most recently, he pleaded guilty to assault and theft under $5,000 in July 2013. He was fined $500 with a $75 victim surcharge. He was also found guilty and fined for a February 2013 theft and assault.  But, his family said he turned his life around when Hailey was born and held down a job and provided for her. 

Hailey has not been located at this time and is still missing.  No word on a motive yet.

9/15/15 –  The are still searching for missing Hailey.  It is hard to figure out what would be the motive behind her father’s death and her disappearance.  Hopefully, surveillance video in the area picked up something, so we are not all looking for a generic white van and have something more to go on. 

Original story:  An Amber Alert  has been activated out of Canada but will be posted here as there is a possibility that the child has been taken across the border to Montana.

Hailey Dunbar-Blanchette, 2, went missing from a small town called Blairmore, Crowsnest Pass, near Alberta B.C. by an unknown individual, around 3:30 a.m. Mon. Sept. 15, 2015.

Hailey’s father, Terry Blanchette, 27,  was found murdered and a white van was seen speeding from the home.  Police were alerted to the body by a family member, according to RCMP Supt. Tony Hamori around 11:30 a.m.

Hailey was to be dropped off at her mother, Cheyenne Dunbar’s house in Edmonton on Sunday.

“It was Terry’s turn to drop Hailey off,” said Kevin Dunbar, Hailey’s grandfather. “He finished by saying that Terry was not a very well-like person although he did not specify by whom and that he had been in trouble with the law.

Terry worked as a cook at a local restaurant/bar and the staff was shocked to learn of his death. He was considered a dependable employee.

The van that was seen driving from the area had a large rear antenna with a flag attached.

Hailey has brown eyes and light brown hair with bangs. 

If you have any information please call 911 or the Crowsnest Royal Canadian Mounted Police at 403-562-2867.  Please consider taking a photo of the van or if you see who you think may be Hailey.

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