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Retired Firefighter, Steve “The Dude” Voegtli has been missing since August

A retired LA County firefighter, that everyone affectionately calls “The Dude” has been missing since he went for a walk near his home on Aug. 12, 2015.

Steven G. Voegtli, 63, regularly walked the trails near his Simi Valley home but on that day, Steven never returned.  He loves to talk about firefighting, and surfing but was showing symptoms of memory problems and disorientation lately.  And his nephew even mentioned he appeared to be “dazed.”  Steven had signs of early dementia.

The family went out on a search on September 12 looking for Steve on the one month anniversary of his disappearance.  The family is wondering if Steve is wandering around homeless and does not know how to get home.

Steven is 6 foot tall, 180 pounds with short brown hair, hazel eyes with a receding hairline.

If you see someone that looks like Steve the family asks you take a photo and contact them on their Facebook page.

Steve may even be among the homeless.


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