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Minnesota man missing after calling wife and she hears him cry out FOUND

UPDATE 11/3/15 – Henry’s body was found in New Brighton lake by a kayaker. The location was just east of where searchers had been looking for him since September.  Police say his death does not appear to be suspicious but the cause is still under investigation. The coroner found that Henry was not shot and had died from drowning.

UPDATE 9/22/15 –  “Some items of interest” were found Saturday that will be forwarded to law enforcement, executive officer for Minnesota Community Policing Services, a Roseville nonprofit group that is coordinating the search told TwinCities news He declined to disclose what the items were.

Original Story: Henry McCabe, 31, aka Joseph B. Tuku, aka Joseph McCabe of Mounds View was last saw on Monday, Sept. 7.

McCabe’s wife Kareen was visiting family with their two children when she last spoke with him. Henry was heading to the Club C’est La Vie with some friends on Sunday night.

“He was spending time with some friends that he hadn’t seen in a long time, and when I spoke with him they were getting ready to leave,” McCabe’s wife, Kareen McCabe.

Kareen said later he must have accidentally dialed her phone because when she answered all she heard was shuffling like he was walking then muffled words like he was talking to someone.

“At the end of the call it sounded like he had maybe been injured.  It sounded like he cried out.”  She also stated that Henry said he had been shot at the end of the message.

When Kareen called him back the phone rang straight to voice mail, and she has not been able to reach him since.  He also has not been seen since.

Henry’s friends said they left together and then dropped Henry off a Super America convenience store on Highway 65 in Fridley.

“People don’t vanish like that. There’s got to be a reason for it,” Singleton said. “We don’t know if somebody’s covering up for him. We don’t know if he’s hurt and can’t communicate with anybody. At this point all considerations have to be on the table,” family spokesman David Singleton told the Star Tribune.

Henry works for the Minnesota Department of Revenue and loves his job and looks forward to going to work and it is unlike him to not show up for work.

If you have any information on his whereabouts, pleats call the Mounds View Police dept. at 763-717-4070 or leave an anonymous tip here.

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