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Two-year-old missing from Chicago, is he the same boy found in Garfield Park? FOUND

kyrian knox

UPDATE:  11/4/15 –  Chicago police identified the child whose body parts were found in the Garfield Park Lagoon in September as missing Rockford toddler Kyrian Knox.

UPDATE:  Also, King Walker is still missing and I have not heard if he has been ruled out regarding the toddler foot found in Garfield Park.

UPDATE 10-14-15 – King has been ruled out.

A two-year-old Chicago boy has gone missing and the police are trying to understand when he went missing.

Yesterday the Rockford Police said Kyrian Knox was missing from a family friends home, but they could not pinpoint the time because the mother did not know.

Lanisha Knox, Kyrian’s mother said that her son was staying with family friends while she was moving from Cedar Rapids Iowa to Chicago.  She called them regularly but did not speak to Kyrian himself.  It was not until Thursday when she realized her son was missing when the family friend told her they thought she had told someone to pick him up as they did not have him.  Lanisha said she did not do that.

Police are now investigating if Kyrian may be the same boy whose dismembered body was found in Garfield Park.

It was two weeks ago when the dismembered body of a toddler was found in Garfield Park.  The foot of a toddler was found first, floating in a lagoon and on Sunday other body parts were found.  Police released a photo of what the child may have looked like.

Authorities believe the child was in the water 1-2 weeks.  The child was estimated to be between 2-4 years old was found in an area of Garfield Park that is used as a place to swim or boat.  It is a 184-acre urban park located  on Chicago’s West Side.  It has been undergoing renovations recently and is even more popular than ever.

The police asked Lanisha if it could be her son and she said, “That’s not my son,” and she did not believe the sketch looked like him.

“The Chicago Police Dept. is aware of the missing juvenile out of Rockford, Il. We continue to investigate each and every lead.  The investigation is still open and on-going,” The Chicago Police said in a statement.

Currently the police have taken DNA from Lanisha and will probably will be seeing if it is a match with the toddler found in the park.

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