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Body of missing Florida mother found in her own back yard

Ora Hawkins

It is believed that the body of Ora Lea Hawkins, 79, was found in her back yard of her home, after she had been missing for several days. 

Her daughter, Judy Schult asked authorities to check up on her on Sunday.  She told the police that something seemed wrong with her mother and she could not understand her.

Authorities showed up at the residence and did not find Ora. Judy said that her mom said she was heading to Colorado with a friend named Rose, but Judy was not sure that Rose even existed.

Judy told the police that her mom was living with her sister, Amy Day and had been doing so for about five years after Amy’s divorce from former Osceola County Property Appraiser Bob Day who was sent to prison in 2008 for felony grand theft because he had employees do personal work for him, including helping him with his re-election campaign.

Amy Day

When police went back a few days later, they found Amy there.  She said she was not there when her mom went missing and had been in Gainesville.   Authorities walked around the home and found Ora in the back yard in a wooded area of the property.

Police also found out that Amy never went to Gainsville and they have found clues in Ora’s garage that also seem suspicious, but won’t relate what that is.

Amy was working as a dispatcher for the Sheriff’s Office in 2010, but after two DUIs she lost her job and them moved in with Ora.

On Wednesday authorities arrested Amy and charged her with providing false information to law enforcement regarding a missing person.  She is being held on a $600,000 bond.  There is more charges coming stated the police. 

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