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Kimberly Ann Moreau Missing from Maine since 1986

Kimberly Moreau
Kimberly Ann Moreau

September 5, 2018 – The Maine State Police searched private property on Strickland Ferry Road on Monday looking for evidence that may lead to finding Kimberly Moreau of Jay.  A tip received led the police to that location at the owner of the property gave authorities permission to search there.  Nothing was found, but the police intent to return once they get equipment to help with their search. 

Original Story

Kimberly Ann Moreau, from Jay, Maine was 17 years old when she disappeared after a night out with friends. Several factors of that night revolve around the fate of Kimberly and her disappearance.  One is her high school sweetheart Mike Staples had given her his class ring, and asked her to the prom. Kimberly and Mike had gotten into an argument in which she called off the date to the prom on May 10, 1986, the day before the prom dance, and instead went out with home town friend and senior of Jay High School, Rhonda Breton.

Rhonda and Kim had met with two individuals, Darren Joudry and Brian Enman both 25 years old. Brian Enman was driving a white Pontiac Trans Am. It said that Darren went to work, Brian, Rhonda, and Kimberly went to Kim’s house in which Kim told her sister Karen Dalot she was going for a ride and would be back in an hour.  Brian Enman and Rhonda Brenton stated,“Kim was still upset over her fight with Mike and asked to be dropped off a half-mile from her home at 3:45 a.m., saying she’d walk the rest of the way. Brian said he dropped her on Jewel Street a half-mile from her house and that’s the last time he saw her. Kimberly’s father Richard Moreau does not believe the story as Kimberly was afraid of the dark and it was cold.”


After Brian had already went to Kim’s home to tell them she would be gone for an hour why wouldn’t he drop her off at home after Kim asked to call it a night? Did Mike Staples meet up with Kimberly during her walk from Jewels to her home?

Someone knows her fate we are all asking what happened to Kimberly Moreau the early morning of May 11, 1986

A recent search was conducted the middle of August 2015 involving multiple search agencies, sonar, and cadaver dog’s. Investigators are reviewing the search findings and seeking new leads in Kimberly’s disappearance.

CBS News reports

Cadaver dogs gave several indications that human remains were on land adjacent to property owned by one of the last people to see a Maine teenager alive nearly 30 years ago, and investigators plan to return there “in the near future” to resume the search, a state police detective said Monday.  State Police will meet this week with geologists before determining the next step after four days of searches on and around Canton property owned by Brian Enman, said Sgt. Mark Holmquist.

“We remain cautiously optimistic,” he said. “This case in particular is challenging because it’s 29 years old.  Essentially it’s trying to find a needle in a haystack. It’s a big challenge.”


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