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Two-year-old missing boy found in motel drug den is missing again

Cynthia Keiwatt

UPDATE:  9/25/15 – Bloomington Deputy Police Chief Mike Hartley said  that if his department had known the child was missing, they would have never given him to the family friend.  But according to CPS they filed a missing person report in June, so somewhere between these two organizations, there was a breakdown in communication.  Luckily, though, today, the father led police to relatives who were caring for the child.  If the relatives knew the child was sought by the police, they should be held responsible for their actions of keeping his hidden.

Erin and Pernell Meier told the Star Tribune they “hope they can again foster the child and eventually adopt him, as they have already adopted another of Kiewatt’s children.”

Original Story:  A 2-year-old Minneapolis boy (photo not available at this time) that was found sleeping in a motel room that was called by the authorities as nothing more than a drug den, has gone missing.

Child protection services became aware that the boy’s welfare needed to be checked into when his mother appeared at a methadone appointment with him and kept falling asleep.  The following day they spoke with Cynthia Keiwatt, 43, at a shelter and she said she was not using and not neglecting her son.  The case was transferred to a field worker that repeatedly tried to track down Keiwatt to check on her son but she could not find her.

A petition was filed stating the Kiewatt was a threat to her child, but they did not know their whereabouts.  Subsequently in June, a child protection worker filed a missing person’s report with the Minneapolis police.

On September 16, a clerk at the Northwood Inn called the Bloomington police about a guest who was high and had a young boy with her.  When they arrived there were five adults in the room and the child was sleeping among the mess of dirty clothes, crack pipes and old food.  Kiewatt was arrested.

The boy was temporarily given to Kiewatt’s adult daughter.  The daughter later passed the boy to his father, James Salter.  Now James Salter and the boy are missing.

Salter spoke with the Star Tribune and said his son was not missing and he was fine, but the issue is that Salter who has been convicted of domestic assault and drug crimes and has an open arrest warrant for violating probation is not allowed to be around the boy either and was prohibited by a judge.

The child’s former foster parents, Erin and Pernell Meier, said this is only the latest in a series of failures to protect the child. Twice they warned child protection officials about the danger the boy faced, records show, but the Meiers, who want to adopt him, said they were ignored.

“Whenever we raised concerns, there was a closing of ranks, a dismissal of anything we had to say,” Pernell Meier told News JS.

What is also discerning that this boy was never known by the public to be missing the first time and now that he is missing again, there is no photo of him to be found or any missing person report.  Hopefully, that will become available to the public soon.

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