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11-year-old Kansas City boy last seen at McDonald’s with stranger FOUND

UPDATE 92715 – Zander has been found and is safe. A dog picked up the boy’s scent in the area. Two family members were with him when he made the discovery.

“He’s in great heath. Everything was fine. He was just playing with his friends in the backyard,” said family member Josh Pauley. “Relief, just straight relief. I’m just glad he’s okay.”

“He found some friends, and he stayed the night with a friend, and that’s it. He was just hanging out, and that’s it,” said Alex-Zander’s mother, Trina Merriott on Sunday night.

UPDATE 9/27/15:   Trina, Zander’s mom stated on Facebook that she will be at the McDonald’s at 8 this morning, to pass out flyers, but McDonald’s asked her to move so the meet up has been moved to the Bank of America across the street.  If you can help with the search please go to that location.

Also,  Detectives say after having a conversation with a clerk at McDonalds, it did not sound like Zander was forced to do anything he was uncomfortable with and told officers the boy just seemed hungry.  So, at this point we don’t know if the two are still together or separated after leaving the McDonalds.

Trina asks, “If anyone would like to make posters. Organize search teams, if anyone knows the area well. ANYTHING!!! My phone has been going off non stop since I posted and I cannot keep up. I will try to check this post every hour today and give updates.”

Original Story:  Alex-Zander Devore, 11, from #KansasCity has gone missing Saturday night.  He was last seen near a McDonald’s near 87th Street and Blue Ridge.  Information has come out that a stranger bought him lunch.

At this point, the authorities are not sure if Zander has been abducted or if he ran away.  Police are now going over the surveillance video at the McDonald’s and talking to witnesses that saw him there.

“He was doing chores at his dad’s house and his dad (Chris Devore) came out to call him for lunch and he was gone,” said Zander’s mother, Trina Merriott. “So his dad called me and we searched the neighborhood. And we ended up here at McDonald’s, where we were told by several people that some man with a beard bought him lunch. That’s it. That’s where we are at the moment.”

From his stepmother’s Facebook page he walked out of the McDonald’s at the same time as the man but they don’t know what happened after that.

The surveillance video shows Zander wearing no shirt and black basketball shorts and the man wearing a Royals baseball cap and a salmon-colored shirt.  Witnesses stated he had a beard.

Trina posted on her Facebook page, 

“Between 12:30-1pm. A man with a beard purchased him food. We are waiting on the police to get a positive id on the man. Black shorts, white Nike’s, no shirt, red bag. (Id said he no longer has the bag) please, please if you see him, call me 816-838-3341 or the Kansas city police department.”

Around 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time Trina posted,  “We still have not found him….. Please pray. We are driving around everywhere. Screaming out his name. It’s been too long. Please pray.”

If you have any information, please call the police.

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